AT&T Wireless Customer service cannot be reached on weekends

Posted on Friday, February 8th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 257ea766

Company: AT&T Wireless Customer service cannot be reached on weekends

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AT&T Wireless Customer service cannot be reached on weekends

My cellular phone was disconnected on Fri(2/1/02)night, my wife and i were trying to get in touch with somebody from AT&T customer service, to find out why our services were discontinued but to no avail we were not able to talk to anybody until Mon(2/04).

Imagine 2 days without service and we are paying a full months service. On monday my wife was able to talk to customer service, they said that they received a bad check (payment for previous month)written by my wife and in that case, it is their policy to discotinue service.

But hello!, my wife paid the previous bill with her auto debit check card, because she noticed that the check that she wrote for AT&T is not yet clearing. She called customer service and told them that she will put a stop payment on that check and will be paying thru her card instead, cause it seems that the check was lost thru the mail.

She even told the Customer Service Rep. to take note that if ever they receive that check dont process it. It is just so irritating, Isn't AT&T a communication company?, Well they should learn how to communicate well with their co-employees as well as there customers, what a shame on you guys, you dont even know what a good communication is!

We are very upset with their service and how they deal with these kind of problems. They should have let us know in the first place why they have to discontinue our service, so that right then and there we could have fixed the issue.


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