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Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 6f6bde54

Company: Levitz

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Dear Ms. Guttierez, On November 25, 2001 my husband and I went into your store in Laguna Hills to buy a new recliner. Our salesman, John Young, told us at the time of the purchase that the recliner we ordered was normally in stock, and it should take no more than 4 weeks. He also told us that he would contact us to set up a delivery date as soon as it came in. Five weeks later, on December 30th, we still had not heard from Mr. Young so we decided to stop by the store.

Since Mr. Young was not in to assist us, another gentleman looked up our order and, to our surprise, told us that the chair was sitting in the warehouse. Needless to say, we were more than a little upset that we were never called and that it took us coming into the store to learn that our chair was in. God knows how long the chair had been there. Even though we were upset, we did not make it an issue and set the delivery date for Saturday January 5, 2002.

I stayed home that day to be there for the delivery, and when the delivery person knocked on my door, his exact words were "I don’t think we have the right chair." He could not have been more right. We had ordered a Berkline recliner, style #629-27, in cream. The chair that was delivered to us had the same style number but was BROWN! "Okay", I told myself.

People make mistakes. I refused the chair and called John Young at the store. He said he was very sorry, that he would call the warehouse himself, and that the right one would be delivered the next day (Sunday). Another day waiting for Levitz. January 6, 2002 - my husband’s birthday - we stayed home to wait for our new chair. The new chair came and once again it was the BROWN one. At this point I was done with the phone game and with Mr. Young. My husband and I went to the store to speak with the Manager, and I use that term loosely. We met with Nancy Guerrero in her office and she told us that they (Berkline) sent the wrong color from the factory and unfortunately it was just human error and that it happens from time to time.

She said she would re-order the chair, take $200.00 off the price, and waive the delivery charge for our trouble. Ms. Guerrero said that she would personally handle the order and keep calling to check on the new recliner. I, of course, was a little skeptical and asked her if she would call the manufacture to ensure that they would ship the correct chair. She once again said not to worry that she would call them the following Tuesday to make sure they would ship the correct model and color.

She said that since she needed to re-order the chair, it would take another 4 to 6 weeks and she promised that she would call when it came in. She also stated that we should call in four weeks to check on the progress of the chair. Why she did not state that she would call us in four weeks to keep us posted was a little surprising. Nice customer service! This brings us to today, February 2, 2002 (4 weeks). Since we had not heard from Ms. Guerrero, we assumed that everything was fine with our order and decided to call to check on a ship date. I left a message at 1:00 and by 4:00 still nothing. When my husband got home, he called the store and got through to Ms. Guerrero. He was told the chair was in the warehouse, but she wanted to confirm that it was the correct color. She said that she had placed a call to the warehouse and that she would call back within half an hour.

My first thought was here we go again - no phone call, as promised - and the chair is there. Half an hour later, Ms. Guerrero had someone call from the store (Steve) to tell us that they now had a gray chair that they could give us but Berkline didn’t make the cream color that we ordered. I’m sorry, but Ms. Guerrero’s handling of this situation is absolutely pathetic.

Not only did Ms. Guerrero not have the guts to call us and tell us she screwed up, she had another employee call and lie about them not making the chair. The chair that we originally ordered was sitting on the floor of your store IN CREAM.

If the color had been discontinued and somehow that was not found out the first time the chair was ordered, Ms. Guerrero certainly would have found that out when she called Berkline that Tuesday to re-confirm the order. Did she ever call Berkline? Has our chair ever been ordered? Had we not called today, would anyone have ever called us?

I would very much like the answers to these questions, but Ms. Guerrero had conveniently stepped out when we called back and to this point, she has refused to return our call. Great manager! If this is how she handles an order personally then god help you! She didn’t even have the professionalism to call us back herself. Not only are we angered that we have no chair, but we also have an issue with the charge to our credit card. For five weeks a charge of $1024.60 was on our credit card, and in your pockets. While Ms. Guerrero credited our card $927.75 after the first screw up, there was still a $96.85 charge that was carried over. How long were you going to wait to return our money?

Is this a common practice at Levitz to charge someone's credit card and then wait 10 weeks to tell them the product they ordered doesn't exist? What a wonderful way to make money! Why didn't I think of that? I hope this letter doesn't fall on deaf ears because it's your reputation on the line and one thing I can promise is that EVERY person I know and come in contact with will hear this story. It's one thing to make a situation right but another to avoid it all together. My suggestion is to train your staff on product knowledge and send your manager to Customer Service training! "You'll love it at Levitz"! What exactly am I supposed to love? Jill P.


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