kentucky fried chicken, Ashtabula

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From: Ray Blankenship [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_21128#]

kentucky fried chicken, Ashtabula, OH


My complaint is and this the second time we have been to Kentucky Fried Chicken in Ashtabula; the new policy of not preparing your chicken until we order id stinks the first time my wife stopped on her way home from work she went inside to order our meal 18 chicken tender strips plus biscuits and sauce she was told and this was during the dinner hour, she'd have to wait ther was NO chicken ready to fill her order !!!!!!!!!

For the delay they offered her a FREE drink. So today Saturday Feb. 23rd we were in the city shopping we became hungry so having our choice to stay in Walmart and dine there or go to Burger King which was clser and easier to enter from the right lane we decided to go to KFC. BIG MISTAKE !!!!!

Same situation ! different day ! Our the mashed potatoes and gravy biscuits were cold, Our tender strips were so hot breaking it open burned our fingers We did recieve an apology though and they did bring our food to the table. and it tasted good as before this policy is TERRIBLE

I WON"T GO THERE EVER AGAIN !!!! I will go somewhere easier to drive to Plus your forks are so flimsy my wife injested the fork's tips she never noticed until a bit later and she had swallowed them I do hope she will be ok tomorrow !



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