1999 Blazer faulty oil lines

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Company: 1999 Blazer faulty oil lines

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1999 Blazer faulty oil lines

I have Blazer w/42000 miles on it. While it was in for collision repairs the mechanic found that my oil cooler lines were leaking. At that time it was determined that the accident did not cause the failure of the oil lines. The lines are not covered under my extended warranty.

The repair cost estimate was 324 dollars. So thinking I could repair the lines myself I went looking to buy them only to find out you can only purchase them through the dealer. No big deal, I called the dealer to order the parts only to find out that there has been more than a usual number of leaky oil lines and that the parts were back ordered.

After hanging up the phone I went to look at those faulty oil lines again and decided to bite the bullet and have a professional do the job, so I called the chevy dealers service department to make an appointment.

Talking to the Assistant service manager I was told that it could be up to two weeks before I could get the truck in because of the back ordered oil lines. I asked the manager what the problem was with the lines and he stated that the crimp fitting attaching the hose to the aluminum pipe wasn't so good but the replacement parts were of a better quality.

Oh yeah he also told me that he has seen more than a usual number of these repairs lately. So silly me thinking that this was a design problem I called chevy to see if they would help with the repair bill, only to be told that since I had an extended warranty they couldn't help me and they wouldn't look into the matter. Excuse me pull your head out of the sand and look around.

My points are

1) Three people associated with a CHEVY dealership (a second service writer told me when I picked up my Blazer that there has been an unusual number of faulty oil lines) told me there has been problems with this part.

2) researching this subject on AOL the first message board I go to there is an owner with a 98 blazer with the same problem, the first message I read, the one at the top of the list. Go figure.

3) What does my extended warranty have to do with GENERAL MOTORS looking into a possible quality issue. Gentleman or ladies the only difference between a Chevy , a Ford , a Dodge or any of the other makers is the service I get after the purchase.

So far I've tried the Fords and had alot of problems , not that they didn't try to correct them. I just thought it was time to try a Chevy, so far the service department at the dealer has been great. I can't say the same about the customer relations at General Motors.

Here are some E-mail addresses H&H Chevrolet .

H & H Chevrolet

4645 S 84th St

Omaha, NE


http://www.hhchevy.com/ General Motors Customer support Customer Assistance 1-800-222-1020 http://www.chevrolet.com/gmnav/contact_us/index.htm


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