AT&T - rude customer service during inquiry about collect call charges

Posted on Thursday, February 14th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by a1f4308a

Company: AT&T - rude customer service during inquiry about collect call charges

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From: Ken Evans [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_21339#]

AT&T - rude customer service during inquiry about collect call charges

This is the email that I sent to ATT, would highly like this published on the internet to know the type of service I got. Thank you.

I recently received a phone bill with a collect call - 20 min. for $13.00. I thought I would call to confirm this amount was correct. On 2/13 @ approx. 5:00 p.m. I called 1-800-222-0300 to question this amount. I entered 2 as noted for those that are not AT&T long distance customers.

The phone was answered by James "Chang" (not sure of the last name). when I told him why I was calling he said that I was very lucky - some collect calls are $5.00 - $10.00 per min. I said I didn't think that was very lucky. He also commented that most people with common sense would realize that a collect call was a call reversed & that is why the charge is higher.

After some words being exchanged (I did mention that I am a fairly intelligent person & deal with customers on the phone daily & would never consider speaking to them as he did to me - in a condescending manner) i asked for his name - he refused to give it to me & said he told me it at the beginning of the call. After I asked him a 2nd time - he said James "Smith".

When I asked to speak to a supervisor he said no - he said they had floor supervisors, but they would not talk to me. I asked if there was someone I could complain to about his way of dealing with customers & he said no.

I mentioned to him that at my place of business if someone has a complaint we give them the name & ph # of the individual they can call. I told him that I initially called to see if this was the correct amount & asked why the fees were so high. He again repeated that "common sense" line (which I did not appreciate this time either). He mentioned that the FCC is the persons I should contact regarding this fee.

This is a horrible way to talk to customers, whether AT&T or not. I do realize as he pointed out that you are the largest long distance carrier in the world, but you can be assured that for every time a person is displeased with the service they receive they will tell 20 people, compared to the 2 they tell when pleased. I hope that you do not have more Senior Customer Representatives like Mr. "Smith".

I was considering returning to AT&T, but after this episode, I do not think that will happen, & I will make sure that this conversation is told to others.

I would appreciate receiving notice that you have at least read this e-mail.

Thank you.


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