1997 Ford F150 with 73000 miles - frame torn in 4 places, truck was not overloaded

Posted on Thursday, February 14th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 677aa65d

Company: 1997 Ford F150 with 73000 miles - frame torn in 4 places, truck was not overloaded

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1997 Ford F150 with 73000 miles - frame torn in 4 places, truck was not overloaded

I have a 97 Ford F150 with 73000 miles. I have been pulling a small 2 horse trailer with usually 1 sometimes 2 ponies in it for approximately 1 year. The Gross weights and tongue weights are well withing the limits of the truck as stated in the owner's manual, and the appropriately and professionally installed class III hitch.

Recently, I got home from taking my daughter's pony to her lesson and found, when I unhooked the trailer, that the hitch appeared to be hanging low.

We looked under the vehicle and found the frame of the truck torn, not rusted, torn in 4 places. It was torn on either side of where the hitch was bolted, on the lip of the frame where the bolts were attached, and in front of the rear spring.

Ford says it is not their problem, we must have overloaded it or hit something. Everyone at the dealership, the service manager, GM, lead mechanic and special Ford engineer that they brought in said they had never seen anything like it.

To my knowledge, we have never hit anything and I know it has not been over loaded. We have talked to dozens of people, trailer people, mechanics, truck owners who said that they cannot imagine the amount of stress, tension or torgue it would take to do the kind of damage done unless the steel itself failed because of defect.

Also, we have looked under every truck we can find and notice that this particular model, which is the first year of the new body style, has a much thinner gauge metal on the frame than other trucks.

I understand that this is considered a light duty vehicle, but we went by the guidelines in the owners manual.

We do have an extended warranty, they say the frame isn't covered.

Nationwide insurance says that since we didn't hit anything they can't cover it under collision and since it wasn't stolen, burned or had the windshield broken by a stone, they can't cover it under comprehensive.

Please help. They say it will cost $8,000 to replace the frame.

Thank your for your consideration,

Jo Fitch

Quarryville, PA


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f5b0b6c4, 2009-02-13, 08:55PM CST

I also have a 1997 f-150 super cab pick-up and for some reason I have had nothing but constant problem with the frame due to the cheap steel they used it keeps falling apart

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