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Posted on Thursday, September 7th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 41f43e38

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E Tour & Travel Vacation

September 6, 2006

This is a complaint about the services offered by E Tour & Travel, a vacation ownership broker & telemarketer. E Tour & Travel (aka etourandtravel.com), based in Orlando, FL is an aggressive telemarketing vacation planning organization with the intent to sell timeshares. They call and offer a vacation package that is almost too good to be true, but just pricey enough to seem legitimate. The phone call starts with an offer to visit Orlando, Daytona Beach, and New Smyrna Beach (or other destination) for the low cost of $398. The $398 includes hotel accommodations, rental car for a week, and a voucher for two to the consumer's choice of pre-selected local attractions. The telemarketer insists that there is no timeshare meeting required, and that you have 15 days from the receipt of the package to look it over and cancel for a full refund. If you call to cancel, you are again wooed by the telemarketer who insists that they know about your financial situation and to smooth things over will bill you once for $98 and 4 equal installments of $75 thereafter. It is important to note the following: According to the documents you receive in the mail, you indeed ARE required to attend the timeshare seminars with your spouse AT ALL LOCATIONS in order to receive your vouchers that pay for the hotel accommodations and attractions. You are also required to cancel within 15 calendar days (inclusive of weekends and holidays) from the day your purchase is made in order to receive a full refund. Finally, you are only allowed 7 days in a rental car, though the accommodations can include up to 9 nights and 10 days. If you miss the 15-day deadline, customer service is non existent and extraordinarily rude. These are people who you DO NOT want to have access to any of your money. Finally, a call to the corporate offices and attempting to speak with VP/COO Lance Croft (Contact name listed by the BBB) and threatening BBB action as well as contacting their attraction partners yielded satisfactory results. It is important that you maintain the names, employee numbers and times and dates of all correspondence by phone, as management will make excuses that the telemarketers and customer service personnel are not E Tour employees, but rather 'affiliates'. This is a statement that is contradicted by the people actually making the calls who claim to be employees of E Tours. Please avoid getting to this point by NEVER sending them any money to begin with and promptly asking to be removed from their mailing and/or calling lists. Jim Albuquerque, NM


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5d5f377f, 2007-10-12, 01:39PM CDT

I received a call from this company today (10/12/07) claiming that I purchased a packege in the ammount of $498.00 in 2001 and that it has not been used to date. I NEVER remember buying a trip and not using it. They claim that someone else may have bought the trip and transfered it to me. Noboby I know would have done such a thing. They didn't even call me at my home; they called me at my parents house who I was just visiting at the time. They had their address and phone # as well as the last 4 digits of the credit card that bought the trip. The cards did not match my Visa card and I have never had any other Visa card in the past. This whole thing is the craziest thing that I have ever heard od and sounds too good to be true. They are supposed to be sending me out something in the mail to review. I have a fealing that I will be calling them back and cancelling and taking my name out of their databanks soon.

c20c81d1, 2008-02-25, 01:05PM CST

I recently recieved a call from E tour and travel offering me the vacation of a lifetime. the agent i spoke with was very pushy and keep demanding i give her my cc number because i didnt want to miss this great deal. she told me if i didnt book then, the price could go up to as much as $2000.00. while she was on my cell phone i went on-line and found a number of people who had been riped off. when i told her what i had found she acted shocked. she never even spoke of anything about i would have to sit through a time share seminar.

2670545d, 2008-06-25, 11:00AM CDT

I also received a call from this group. They hung up on me after me telling them time after time I could not make a decision about this without checking with my husband....

Bottom line, I am trying to find the # of someone to call in corporate office but cannot even find their official website....would you be willing to share?

Thank you......

They are REALLY high pressure and unethical.


27176056, 2008-07-14, 06:04PM CDT

I receive like 4 calls per day from eTourandTravel.com and i keep telling them that i am not interested to buy anything from them, but they insist that i registered on this site -wich i never did- and they keep telling me all my personal informations, i wonder where from they have all the info about me? when i ask to be put on NO CALL list they hang up the phone. i also tried to send them an e-mail regarding those disturbing calls, but it seems to do not go through.


d3127735, 2008-08-01, 12:48AM CDT

I also booked travel with e tour and travel. This young man matt who sold me a package at 289, let me know i was going to be taking a time share tour, everything went smoothly. I had a great vacation and i plan on catching their next promotion!!

9ee33f5e, 2008-08-17, 09:42PM CDT

Too late they already have the taxes for the trip which is $498. For 7 nights Orlando and 3 nights Daytona.

and that i have 18 months to validate my Trip.

Thank-You for the heads up.


54632aa9, 2008-11-04, 09:13PM CST

In the event you receive a call and tell them you with to be removed from thier calling list and you still receive calls: contact the Federal Trade Commission. For Further information look FTC up on line.

The Federal Trade Commission is the nation's consumer protection agency. The FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection works For The Consumer to prevent fraud, deception, and unfair business practices in the marketplace. The Bureau:

Enhances consumer confidence by enforcing federal laws that protect consumers

Empowers consumers with free information to help them exercise their rights and spot and avoid fraud and deception

Wants to hear from consumers who want to get information or file a complaint about fraud or identity theft

76a579e9, 2008-12-23, 12:30AM CST

To whom it may concern,

I am having a really difficult time with this company (E tour and travel). Luckily I only spent about 150 dollars on their promotion. I was unable to attend the vacation/promotion I bought and now they keep calling and asking for more money. Each time I explained that I wasnt going to pay anymore cash to upgrade what I didnt use. One salesman called me an idiot for not taking advantage of an offer, while todays salesman. 12-22-08 at 1:08pm from 1-866-897-2756 named Dave who delightfully explained he was glad he graduated from Barber College called and actually had the audacity be rude upon refusal and end our conversation by saying, Thanks for giving us free money!, sarcastically after I explained to him that I wouldnt upgrade to a bigger deal that I wouldnt use. When I called back to speak with a supervisor, he wasnt available and I couldnt leave him a voice message. I suspect that the person I spoke to was the same person and he was covering his tail.

This company has filth for high pressure sales employees who are terrible at closing the deal and dont like to hear NO. With a management staff that doesnt seem to care. Proceed with caution and use a payphone if you call these people. They are terrible and I am amazed I didnt even swear in writing any of this. I REALLY think this company is complete garbage, and I am not even mad about not using the vacation. This company could fly my entire family on a private jet to one of there resorts and I wouldnt hesitate to say NO. Actually I would have the jet fly out to some remote place and waste fuel with nobody to take anywhere ..Just to be a jerk back.

Proceed at your own risk.


afda3b78, 2009-02-19, 03:23PM CST

I have been searching for this company who constantly calls from 866-311-2562 and can not respect that when someone says that they are not interested, then the calls come in more and at the oddest times.

Does anyone know how to cease these unwanted calls?

43779cf3, 2009-06-16, 11:16AM CDT

So you got your money back.And if so who to call and what is the number

43779cf3, 2009-06-18, 10:45AM CDT

I called and said I would call bbb they said go a head and I did e-mail the bbb and also the white house I hope i get some where sucked in I never wanted the trip told them I had no money and the thing is that visa allowed even with mt card at its limit

3a2d71de, 2009-08-02, 01:08PM CDT

This is exactly what happened to me. Now they keep calling me and wanting me to use this vacation I supposedly purchase for another $99. I cant get them to stop calling!!! They call on Sunday and at dinner time. Each time I ask them to take me off the call list and they say they will. EVERYTIME. Finally I asked for some information from them and let the caller know that I plan to report them to the BBB and for harrasment. This is just outragious. How do you get them to stop calling? The caller was very rude and shot off some information (866-897-2756 phone number and ETours and Travel) They could not give me more information. I called the number and the guy that answered the phone thought that he called me? That was interesting. He started the sales pitch again and I cut him off explaining why I called him. Again no information. Hence I turned to the internet. How do I get information to report. What is my recourse. How can I stop the calls?

8fba15ef, 2009-09-23, 01:42PM CDT

I also got called by this company and I wasn't sure if it was a scam... the lady didn't stop asking for my credit card number, but I knew wasn't available on the card...so I finaly turned in, but I didn't have my card with me so I didn't have the expiration date, but she found it the exp. date! I have no idea how but she did! The transaction didn't go through as I tought, but... about 2 weeks after I got a call saying ther transaction passed on my credit card and I would receive all the information soon!!! I was so mad, I spend 15 minutes on the phone sreaming and telling them I want my money back! The money wasn't even available on the credit card! After hanging up I called my credit card to see if the money passed, but it didn't so I cancelled the card thinking everything would be ok. But no!!! The 530$ passed on the card! Even if I cancelled it! I called the credit card right way and they told me that I have to contact the company to get a refund. So I called the customer service number for e tours and travel and he told me I would get a refund on my credit card in 3-5 days, can't wait to see if it is the truth! I hope everything will come into order pretty soon!!!!!

I've had my lesson redit card number again!!!!!!

c0a4b5e1, 2009-11-21, 07:20PM CST

Just a lil FYI for you never give your personal information away like on a survey! Ya know I'm sitting here reading all these complaints, when really every person on here did it to themselves even me!


Anonymous, 2010-02-27, 03:02PM CST

I had a telemarketer call me 2 years ago and offer me a trip, said would be no expiration date on the trip, i unfortunately gave her my credit card no. 1 month later , i had to have a total knee replacement, which turned bad, and now it has to be redone. no fun. they have called me 1 year ago and I went ahead and extented by $99.00 the trip. well, now in the last 2 weeks they have called me 4 times, told them , because i had to have the knee redone, i could not extent the trip anymore, they almost threatened me, saying how can you afford to lose 400 dollars. I have no idea how long this knee will take to redo, go thru rehab and think i should get my money back. will travel with you all later, maybe, but that is very ugly way to handle customers, the last guy ended his conservation , with Jesus, boy that got me, so rude, if you are going to sell people trips,etc, you go at the with kindness. G. Stafford

5db9c5e3, 2010-08-06, 03:23PM CDT

I have been called and over and over from E-Tour and Travel offering me this wonderful trip to Orlando and another destination in Florida -- all for $99 -- three nights in one place and five in another. I have refused over and over and over. This is August 6, 2010 -- within the last two months I have received five calls from this company offering the same package. Yes, I had received a call a few months ago with the price of $299 for the package -- now it's $99. I have refused every time. This company continues to call me -- even asking me today why I hate Florida so much? I told the telemarketer that had nothing to do with the promotion he was offering me. When he asked why I said that, I told him the company's harrassment speaks only for himself and his company, it does not reflect on me as a person. Of course the telemarketer got all miffed regarding my statement and began to sass me back. When I made mention how I had told them to put my name on a do-not call list, he sarcastically said he would be the first to do so. He was going on to say something else, when I made mention that's all I want -- thanked him for doing so -- told him I had nothing more to say -- and hung up. Besides this company being so harrassing, isn't it against the law for them to be doing this, since I have registered on the "Do not call" list against telemarketing? I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and to CBS, to see if something can be investigated against this company.

6c7e99f2, 2010-11-28, 04:40PM CST


I got sucked into this too and you know what, though i purchased the package, i'm just gonna throw it in the trash if i can't get a refund, even if it means throwing away money. I'll get airline miles for it anyway. I hate having to be aggressive refusing and saying no to these pushy sales people. i want to be on the do not call list as well.

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