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Cingular Wireless

September 21, 2006

USA We live in Coarsegold, CA, very near Yosemite National Park. Because of the terrain, this location is a very difficult one for which to find reliable cellular service. We did, however, learn that AT&T was

reliable in our area and used them for nearly two years before they "merged" with Cingular. During that period and for several months afterwards, we had reliable service in and around our home and in our

general usage area. Because of this, we eliminated our land line, choosing to use only the wireless phones and cable Internet. In the middle of August, 2006, we began encountering erratic service at our home. Things were fine everywhere else but we were hit and miss in our home---a REAL problem since we have no land line. We began calling Cingular, almost daily, complaining of the problem. The customer service and technical people we spoke with all immediately assumed that we simply had poor coverage or the problem was the result of user error. We continued to press. Yet, one tech entered a service ticket,

only to close it, saying we simply had poor coverage at our residence. Now, why would we eliminate our land line and keep Cingular if we had poor service at our home?! Finally, I spoke with a knowledgeable tech who said, "yes, some parts went bad on August 18th and our equipment sent an automatic distress signal to the maintenance staff." I guess the tower radioed the mother ship. Anyway, this tech told me that parts were on order but she had no information as to when they would be in or when the repairs would be completed. Since talking with this tech, I have spoken with several others every couple of days to discover the status of the problem. The techs continue to tell me there are no problems in our area and coverage is simply poor. When I press them, they will discover---Oh, there is a problem and no, we don't know when it will be repaired. I ask if there

is any indication as to whether or not we would be notified when the repairs are completed. Of course, the answer is always "No!" Clearly, a problem occurred on August 18th that caused a local facility to send some sort of distress signal. Why couldn't customer service have told us that from the beginning? Also, Cingular has seemed VERY SLOW to respond to the problem even though it does affect a large number of customers who, like me, believed Cingular was the best provider in our difficult area. In addition to being unresponsive to our requests when I call, Cingular has yet to contact me except for one evening very early in the process. Further, they have seemed irresponsible in completing repairs to the system in this area. We are very close to changing carriers but are somewhat afraid to because we'll likely have to face the prospect of arguing over the cost of canceling our service before our service agreement is completed.

We've wasted enough time. Cingular should reimburse all customers in this area for lost service and they should do so voluntarily. Yes, we've used our phones, but seldom in our home where we expected to be able to use them and where we used them for more than two years without incident. In addition, it would be great if Cingular would complete the repairs and notify us of their completion. Finally, I'd like to be contacted by someone in management in the Cingular organization. I'm tired of calling them and believe that, since the problem is with their equipment, they should be the one calling me. I hope someone in Cingular management reads this! Thank you,



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