Complaint Against Apartment Complex

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Complaint Against Apartment Complex

October 9, 2006

This email is an expression of my extreme frustration and dissatisfaction with an AIMCO property, specifically Springhill Lake Apartments in Greenbelt, MD. I'm just looking for any outlet to vent my frustrations and hopefully let others know of my ordeal so they can avoid going through it. On August 26, 2006 I took a tour of the property and was impressed with the spaciousness of the model apartment. I put down a holding fee of $100.00 because I was told that it was totally refundable if I gave my decision within 72 hours. Within the allotted timeframe I decided not to lease with Springhill Lake. That is where all the problems began. I could never get in touch with my leasing agent Laureese Jackson. And “conveniently” all the managers were never there when I asked to speak with someone. I was continuously put on hold for extreme amounts of time, and just basically given the run around. Though it was an inconvenience I decided to go to the property myself after work concerning my refund. When I showed up to the complex the doors were locked even though there was a huge sign advertising they stay open late. I was however let into the premises. After waiting for at least 30 minutes Ms. Jackson told me she would process the refund. I figured since it was taken off my debit card that same day it would not take long to receive my refund. Even if they mailed a paper check I should get it within a couple days, being as though I am less than 10 minutes away. However, I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE MY REFUND. This is utterly ridiculous. I have called so many times concerning my refund (left messages where I never received a call back). Managers are conveniently "not in" when you specifically ask for them. How strange NEVER to have a manager on site. I know that's a lie. However, when I finally reached someone, Ms. Dawson (no relation!): Director of Accounting, I was told that my refund was done and I should be expecting it shortly. I called yet again when a couple of weeks had gone by and was now told it could take up to 45 days to receive (that is outrageous!), though it usually only takes two to three weeks (it is now well past 2 – 3 weeks). She also told me someone would be calling me back to update me on the situation. Needless to say I never received a call back. I called yesterday and left a message on Ms. Dawson’s voicemail. The last straw was never receiving a call back from the message I left. It may not seem like $100.00 is a lot, but what frustrates me the most is the lack of concern from all Springhill Lake staff. I do not appreciate being given the run around concerning MY refund that I am entitled to. There should not be this much headache because it really is a simple process. For these reasons and more I AM SO GLAD THAT I CHOSE NOT TO LEASE WITH SPRINGHILL LAKE APARTMENTS. And I will communicate this sentiment to all that I know who may be looking for an apartment in the area. I would rather pay more money than deal with a management staff that is incompetent and so uncaring about their potential and existing customers (I’ve done some research and read many complaints online). I laugh to myself now when I think about the customer satisfaction guarantee statement they have prominently displayed in their leasing office. What an untruth! I guess that only applies to those who pay rent every month, and then I’m sure they don’t even see the effects of that promise. Right now I am disgusted with Springhill Lake Apartments. I am sure this behavior is not standard policy and practice of AIMCO Properties, LP. It cannot be or AIMCO would not stay in business for very long or be as big as it is now. I am usually a quiet and reserved person, but I cannot sit idly by while I am being treated as if I do not matter, especially when it comes to MY money. I understand the hierarchy of business, which is why I chose to express my dissatisfaction with the corporate headquarters by sending a letter to them as well, since the management of Springhill Lake is content to ignore my concerns. Candice

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ac0e1d95, 2008-06-24, 03:59PM CDT

I live at 9302 Edmonston Road # 203 in Greenbelt, Maryland. I have a water leak that damaged one of my two bedrooms. My AC unit is inoperative. I filed a complaint in District Court on June 16th. The management Springhill Lakes Apartments are violating city, county and state law.

ac0e1d95, 2008-06-24, 04:02PM CDT

I live at 9302 Edmonston Road # 203 in Greenbelt, Maryland. I have a water leak that damaged one of my two bedrooms. My AC unit is inoperative. I filed a complaint in District Court on June 16th. The management Springhill Lakes Apartments are violating city, county and state law.

07e04eb8, 2008-07-28, 07:57PM CDT

The apartment complex "City Place" in Las Vegas has a slum lord! leaky roof, rippling lenolium coming off the floor, bug cockroach infestation that is disgustingly horrible, no air conditioning. After numerous complaints, the land lord belittles the complaints and never fixes any problems. These apartment houses two disabled women, one who has terminal cancer, my mother and aunt. Please help

a7d488b1, 2008-12-11, 12:38PM CST

I sympathize with you as a consumer and on my part I am having problems too collecting my refund to the apartment complex I vacated a month ago. The name of the Apartment is CITRONIA LANDMARK with address at 18550 Citronia Street Northridge CA 91324. I vacated the property November 10, 2008 and up until now I cannot get the refund on my initial deposit of $1450 from the company. I tried to follow up at their main office but those people are not receptive to ex-tenant like me. They are giving me a run around and they could not even provide me basic information such as to date the check was made and got mailed, the amount in the check and the address where they have sent the check. I complain to the BBB and up until now I'm waiting for the resolution. Like you I'm just a quiet and reserved person too but the rudeness and poor customer service that is being shown to me by the employees handling the affairs for CITRONIA LANDMARK Apartments made me to come out and express my disgust. Lastly, I have been a good tenant in this apartment complex and have been paying my monthly rental consistently on time, I don't deserve this run around treatment from them especially what I am following up is my very own money in the first place.

9eda005f, 2009-02-27, 03:18AM CST

Dear Sir: 11 June 2008

We have been trying incessantly, since our arrival in early October of 2007, to get the attention of anyone with the proper authority to rectify the situation, to notify them of the dilapidated conditions that we have been subjected to living in while renting at over 900 dollars a month a place that you rented to us agreeing it was reasonably free of pest and vermin. We have paid for this residence and yet have not received what we have paid for in the least. The foul and disgusting situation we find ourselves living in has been appealed to every staff member referred to us, from Managers who have been called at least 4 or 5 times and left messages with absolutely no response, to maintenance workers who have been in and out of our residence so much that the carpet is black with the track marks of their boots. And still we have not gotten a fair and clean place to live in in the interim. We will continue to escalate this matter by every means necessary to every authoritative figure we can contact until we get a satisfactory answer and solution or a full refund.

Since moving in 9122 Edmonston Court, we have been subjected to daily floods from the toilet over the bathroom floor while going about the normal usage of the vessel. I personally have had to disinfect the floor at least 3 to 4 times a week after flushing. I have been wading in defecation more times than I care to count. Maintenance came numerous times and took the toilet off the floor and snaked it with this little device that never worked no matter how many times I protested that it didnt work the last time so why are we just doing the same thing over and over and being left with an over flowing toilet problem that never gets resolved. No one would listen and so they would use this little device to snake the toilet. It wouldnt work but they would leave until I called them again and again and again. Over a couple of a dozen times. It has been infuriating. But what we found was that this was typical behavior and the worse was yet to come. We have:

1.) Roaches.

2.) in the refrigerator.

3.) in the microwave (That had to be thrown out due to over infestation of it.)

4.) in the dish washer.

5.) in the bed room.

6.) infesting the lap top in the bed room.

7.) in the closet.

8.) in the kitchen every time a light goes out.

9.) in my bed.

10.) in the night stand by the bed.

11.) crawling on my computer while using it.

12.) crawling on my legs while in bed.

13.) crawling on me while I am asleep.

14.) bites on my arm, of the which I cannot prove for I am not a roach bite expert, but I wake up with marks on my arms after going to bed with none.

15.) in the freezer.

16.) in shoes and under shoes.

17.) in gaping holes left by dry wall workers and maintenance with ill-repairs coming out into the bathroom crawling across tooth brushes and wash cloths/towels.

18.) It took them almost two months to unstop the kitchen sink. During this I could not use it for a whole week.

19.) There was an open hole in the bathroom under the sink with no face plate, that I had to repair myself. At least 7 months of complaining about this, maintenance came to repair it.

20.) The molding in the kitchen came off immediately once we moved in and the cabinet came loose from the wall.

21.) I cannot open a cabinet door without some desiccated roach antennae, wing or other dry body part floating from the draft, out into the food I am presently preparing.

22.) I have to wash every dish stored on the shelves again, before using them due to roaches crawling all over them in their search for food.

23.) I can pick up a random dish or bowl and find a roach hiding in it due to the lights coming on.

This list is by no means exhaustive and photo evidence of the motley repair job on this unit and the roach infestation have been included with this communiqu. It is a disgusting, dehumanizing and humiliating experience. You would not want to live here or like this I assure you. And the problem has escalated to the point of where we have incessantly requested to be moved to another, smaller unit to no avail. I do not understand why you insist on subjecting us to this squalid, filthy living space. But we have no intention of allowing this to go on uncontested. No matter what. I am trying to appeal to your sense of decency Sir in giving us what we have paid for and have yet to receive. I hope this letter finds you in agreement with us and intent on moving us to a residence that is clean and free of this filth and pest problem. We can no longer live like this, than the first week it was discovered. We were verbally offered a move by an unidentified woman who works in your administrative offices and filed the proper documents to be allowed to move, but have yet to receive a responsible reply. Please review the photo materials included as they are evidence of our claim. Why such evidence is needed I am unclear on. This isnt a trial though it very well should be. I am sure this situation is not something you are unaware of though why your company would want to charge someone the cost of a town home to live in an apartment with the filth, dilapidated conditions and pest problems that we suffer, is beyond reason. I am at the point where I am wanting to demand satisfaction. This is sickening and the slow grind of the administrative solutions that we seek, that have to date, not been met have us living like this in month number 8 of a one year lease living in filth, human waste, roaches so numerous that the dead have to be cleaned up almost daily. This will not do Sir. And so it has escalated to your attention and will go further until justice is provided one way or another. What can you do for us Sir? Please expedite your response for we have yet paid another month of good money for a deplorable violation of services.


58dbfe2b, 2009-06-11, 12:24AM CDT

If any of you ever have the chance to live at 8211 Owensmouth Ave. in Canoga Park, CA... DON'T!! Terrible place that is falling apart. The elevator is creepy and is always disgustingly dirty. There are roaches EVERYWHERE. There are literally so many roaches that you can't do anything about it. The kids get up early and are allowed to run around the halls and scream at the top of their lungs while the security gates to the parking area are always broken. The pool is poorly maintained and the washers and driers do their jobs very poorly for the amount it costs to use them. The only saving grace is that the apartment manager is pretty cool, but the company that deals with the building is awful. After a whole year of being out, I'm still waiting on my deposit money.

9d3655df, 2009-08-13, 03:09AM CDT

hi my name is Jihad Griffin. for a month i've asked the rental offoce to come fix my air conditioner, my garbage disposal, and change the pump in my toliet. They have faile to do that and continue to make excuses what do I do?

023b56db, 2009-10-14, 11:18AM CDT

I have a problem with a property in Redlands, CA. The property is located at 214 or 216 Sun ST in Redlands. The property is nice but gang members and drug dealers in the area have decided to use it as their short cut and their hangout. I have called the police and the school district and neither one responds or does anything about it. Again, the complex is a nice complex, the people there are not the problem. It is ran by HUD, whom I have contacted also but does not seem to care. All I have to say is is that if you are thinking of moving to Redlands,CA dont. The gang and drug problem has gotten bad and the police dont do crap. If you call them, they give you a hard time.

38c4f8fe, 2010-01-30, 07:14PM CST

Peppercreek apartments el cajon ca 92021

Bad business practices, they will take all your deposit when you move out then set you up to sue you for more money! Do not rent from this place! The head supervisor from the company is named Wendy!

04e53e1f, 2010-10-29, 05:46PM CDT

October 29, 2010

RE: Washington Square Bellevue, WA

I am horrified by the questionable behavior by Washington Square and their management company during our move-out process as a tenant in, Bellevue WA.

Is this what renting has come to? A large company not holding their management outsourcer responsible for mal-intent?

The management company charged us for move-out expenses that ARE NOT ACCURATE - all the way down to the information provided in documentation from Washington Square had a fundamental calculation error of $37.00. I am extremely concerned by the represented mal-intent in the nature of misinformation and with that the inability to respond and hear a dispute of logical, accurate information. Anyone considering renting should BE AWARE! This is not a reputable apartment management company based on my experience. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND EVER RENTING OR OWNING AT WASHINGTON SQUARE IN BELLEVUE WA.


1. $37.00 owed to tenant for math calculation error

2. $75.00 cleaning fee (receipt for services paid by tenant prior to move-out)

3. $125 key card damage (simply not true)

4. $235.75 painting fee (obviously a calculation error as the move-out inspection personnel told me its $25/hr and that it would be limited based on the excellent condition of the condo)

I have provided my disagreement on several occasions met with a simple response of no. The intention of Wasatch Property and therefore the holding company to intentionally charge (hold funds) without basis is extremely disappointing but more so legally fraudulent in activity. RENTER AND BUYER BEWARE!

241167e5, 2013-03-19, 02:54PM CDT

I would like to post about 390 East Oakenwald Street, in Dallas Texas 75203, Zang Triangle Luxury Housing apartments. Since, the first day I moved in I had to deal with ants in my apartments for over 3 months. The problem continued and my children were continuously bitten and the company they hired was only a spot treatment type of extermination. I called the office several times a week to make sure the pest control company would not bi pass my apartment and a couple of times they skipped my apartment because the manager forgot to put us on the list. It was very frustrating. Then the water from the shower and sinks would come out brown, I didn't know why the manager said it was because they forgot to flush out the pipes prior to us moving in plus they forgot to exterminate as well. I had to go out and buy traps and use other ways to get rid of the ants.

Next was an issue with lighting. My apartment is near the clubhouse and overlooks the pool area which has constant lighting all day long. The lights are so bright that even with blinds closed there?s still light and no darkness making it difficult to fall asleep at night. I advised them and they said they were going to order roman shades. This took another 3 months and when they arrived to install the shades they used wood blocks and large metal nails to hang the make shift shade with appeared to be a pull down screen used for film projection movies. I could not believe it. Why would they not invest on a good shade install it properly so that then next tenants would not have the same concern? I requested that the shades be installed properly because it looked horrible but one of the shades literally peeled off the cardboard roll it was attached to. I invited the manager in to see the installed shades and the way they were rigged up on the wall and I showed her how the cheap roll down screen just peeled off the cardboard. She ordered another one which took another month, all the mean while I was putting up make shift shades to block the bright outdoor lights reflecting into my apartment.

The problems continued one after the other after the other. Since we moved in we had an issue with the pipes and every time no matter where you run the water, bathtub, and kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, and shower this horrible sulfur smell comes from the pipes. This wretched stench is so horrible I can't even believe this is Luxury housing and I pay over $1500 a month to wake up with such a sewage smell. The apartments decided that the pipes were bad and had a company change out other apartment pipes but again overlooked my apartment. This problem is still not resolved. In fact when we called management they said that our apartment had been done. We told them not it was definitely not done yet. Later they called back and said oh we are sorry your apartment was overlooked, again. I am completely appalled and disappointed in this management company here at Zang Triangle.

Another issue is their courtyard decor is pleasant to the eye although, the pool is surrounded by a rustic heavy, thick metal gate. This gate when open and shut sounds like a shot gun blast and it is right near my apartment. I have complained and still a simple solution like foam or padding can fix the problem and yet again the apartment management till this date has never addressed my complaint. So daily and nightly, with open or closed windows we hear random shot gun blasts. My children still startle and wake up when that blast goes off. I even offered the management to come into my apartment and hear the sound, as I show them while closing and opening gate and never once did they show interest. Sounds of shot gun blasts continue and issues never looked at.

On last complaint and this may be the most important. I had an emergency situation where I had to call 911 for an ambulance to take me to the ER. Since it is a gated secure apartment the paramedics were unable to get in. I was very upset and they do have a system set up where they call your phone and once you answer you dial #9 and it will open the gate. Although, my friend had to call 911 for me and I didn?t have my phone she was not able to go down and open the gate since I was disabled and she was watching my infant children. After that incident, I called the management and suggested that they give security codes to all emergency departments such as Dallas Police and Dallas Fire, and that other apartments have already done that and the lack of such communication with your local emergency departments was quiet scary. If it was a life or death incident requiring minutes or seconds and they were stuck downstairs trying to get it, it would be a shame to live with that regret. All it takes is a phone call to the 911 communication center to inform them of your security codes for emergency personal use only. I believe this issue has yet to be addressed.

I am totally disenchanted and very disappointed in their service and response to my issues and complaints.

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