2001 dodge caravan

Posted on Monday, October 9th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 379a574a

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2001 dodge caravan

October 8, 2006

Does any one know what I can do?

I bought a Caravan on 8-21-06 At Starrs car In Perry Ohio I drove it off the lot and 22 miles later the engine light came on I went back and Jason the salesman checked the codes and had said it was a sensor bad they did change it and I drove 122 miles and the same thing happen Starrs Car changed the 2nd sensor Then I drove 1300 miles and it stopped shifting codes were showing sensor JJason said to leave it with them and they would take it to a transmission shop well I did it was left on 9-29-06 and I rented a car from them. I called the trans. shop on 10-05-06 and Rich said their was nothing wrong with it he said to pick it up and drive it and see what happens Starrs car took me to pick it up after I paid 97.00 for the rental! I drove it 27 miles and the engine lite is on and Shifts really hard to rhe lower gears I owe 7,000 and made one payment and 750 down. Is their anything i can do to get my loses back? I picked up the Van on 10-05-06 after work drove it for 24 miles when the engine light came on. On 10-06-06 I called Jason and let him know that the light was on again and that Rich wanted to scan it and see what was going on, Starrs Car sent a driver to pick up the Van from work at 12:30 PM and left me the rental car that I had just returned the nigh before this was easy it took alot of tears Im just tired of no car to drive. 10-07-06 I recieved a call from Jason who said they had fixed the problem they think changed the sensor again gave me the option to let them drive it or me I said I would be there by noon. Chuck the owner said he drove it about 50 miles and it seems to be ok I told them Iwas going to put some miles on it and see if that worked I drove 68 miles from home and the lights on again and the transmission is doing the same thing I called Jason at Starrs Cars and he laughed and said that was not to bad Jason said he would call around in the junk yard for a coomputer for the transmission and to call him on monday 10-09-06 Hope some one has some idea.

Linda Baumann 440-466-9sss or 440-228-2sss

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dbd8cecb, 2007-10-26, 02:12PM CDT

Thanks for your complaint. It was the first hit on my search engine when I was looking for Starr's Car's phone number. I had seen a vehicle from cars.com and was going to go look at it. I will no longer do so after I saw this! THANK-YOU! I dont want to be in the same situation. If Starr's is reading this...watch out...you now have two people telling everyone they know in Lake County NEVER to come to you!!!!

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