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October 5, 2006

I made arrangements for this service in August 2006.. I was told due to a promotion the 100.00 installation fee would not be required.

On August 13, a sunday, the installer arrived. However, I was charges an addition 125.00 for the installation of a pole as the installer did not want to put the sattalite on the roof of my home.

After the installer left, it was noted that the cable from the pole to my home was left on the ground. as I

lived in an area with a lot of trees and many many small animals I called to find out about having the line burried. was told my one person that they did not do that, another person told me the original installer would have to come back and take care of it. When I started having problems with the service it was quite a job to get someone out here to try and correct it. BY this time it was alfter Labor Day, I was told the installer did not come the previous friday due to car problems, I guess he was unaware that there are telephones available to cancel appointments. The Monday after labor day, Sept. 11 a new installer came out to check the system, he called and ordered a new modium for my service as the one installed was faulty. I was told the call him when I received the new modium. HOwever, the

modium was not sent to me but to someone in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I finally got a hold of him

and he sent it to me and the installed care out on Friday the 22 to installed the new modium.

When I got my credit card bill I had been billed $202.38, (I was told it would be 99.99, and they

would issue a credit as it was a promotional deal. They did refund 100.00 but left a balance of


Then I received a bill from Hughes for $107.39 for service from 8/13/06 to 9/13/06, which I did not have

as the system was not working.

When I called billing I was told we are alwlays billed in advance, so correct me if I am wrong.

I paid 102.38 in August, you want an additional 107.39 for a total of $209.77, however the

young lady I talked with told me that my balance was $33.00 as she gave me a credit of one

month and one week, so if you add the two amount together you come up with 242.00, I would be paying

for service from 8/13/06 to 9/13/06 with a new bill coming on October 13. Sorry but I just do not under

stand this.

I was without a computer from 8/13 thur 9/22, it worked once in a while but could not received E mail of

a daily basis or take care of business.

Made too many calls to Hughes trying to correct this mess to no avail.

LOng distance calls to companies (numbers given to me by Hughes, trying to track service men and the where abouts of the new modium.

Original installed did not leave me any copies of what I signed, have asked on many occasions for a copy but as yet have received nothing.

I dont know if this will be answered or not but at this point in time I feel used and abused, and would appreciate any information that could explain this mess to me.


Geraldine, account #DSssss

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