Best Buy / Frigidaire refrigerator

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Company: Best Buy / Frigidaire refrigerator

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Best Buy / Frigidaire refrigerator

October 5, 2006

Best Buy, Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA

I bought a Frigidaire refrigerator in September of 2004. The shelves were poorly designed and never installed correctly, so I should have returned the refrigerator right then. But I didn't; I tried to make do. The middle shelf -- not the door shelf, but the main shelf -- kept falling down until a year ago, I gave up and took it out, leavning me with only a top shelf and the space on top of the fruit and vegetable bins. The meat bin also falls out unless you barely touch it. I complained to Best Buy twice, but they would do nothing because I did not have an extended warranty, even though the product was obviously a lemon. Today the top shelf broke off its poorly designed insertion plastic and all the liquids that one keeps on that shelf poured on my kitchen floor. I have not shelves now and Best Buy would not listen. One employee hung up on me. They won't let you speak to a store manager -- I finally spoke to a stand-in, who was as unknowledgable and rude as the other employees. And this after I have spent thousands of dollars at this store. Don't ever shop at Best Buy!

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