Cambridge Who's Who (aka Manchester Who's Who, Empire Who's Who)

Posted on Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 9322478c

Company: Cambridge Who's Who (aka Manchester Who's Who, Empire Who's Who)

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Cambridge Who's Who (aka Manchester Who's Who, Empire Who's Who)

October 3, 2006

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to make a complaint about the selling practices of the following company.

Cambridge Who's Who (aka Manchester Who's Who, Empire Who's Who) 333 Earle Ovington Blvd., Suite 240

Uniondale, New York 11553

(P) 516-742-7907

(F) 516-742-7906

I was unhappy with the sales techniques of this company. The representative lured me in by asking questions, told me I had been "approved" to be part of the directory, and instantly asked for a large sum of money (even though the mailing had said membership was free.) When I declined, the representative became pushy, trying to sell lower-cost products, and eventually threatening that I would not get another chance to become part of this prestigious organization. I believe that it was a scam because of the sales techniques, and because of reading about others who had been in a similar situation. References:,, Luckily, I did not actually pay for this service, but I came very close to doing so. I know of people who have been taken in by this scam, and I want to see it stopped. I hope that submitting this complaint will result in protection for future consumers. I was very offended by the sales techniques used by this company, and I don't want other people to have to go through this. I would like to see this company stop doing business, or at least have warnings posted visibly to limit people doing business with them. Thank you for your time, Emma

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c9c5e421, 2007-10-10, 07:27AM CDT

Check this out

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Check this out

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6afc7d82, 2008-09-18, 11:39AM CDT

I too received a card in the mail informing me that I was to be "honored" to be included in the Cambridge Who's Who Registry. Out of curiosity I filled out the form online and then was solicited twice on the phone to provide them more information for an interview. So on one of my days off I decided to follow up with the phone call. What I got was an interview asking questions such as how long you have been in your profession, where did you graduate, what made you decide to go in your current profession, etc. Then after literally a 10 minute interview, I was told that I was an "exceptional" candidate and have been approved for listing in the Registry. Now the hard sell.. for $800 I could get a platnium membership (5 years, listing, book, certificate etc) or pay only $500 for a 3 year membership. Needless to say I was taken aback since the application stated there was no fee to be included in the registry. I told the representitive "really? I was under the assumption that the listing would be free?" I further told the representative that their mailing was very misleading. Then they offered me the price they only give to non-profit organizations for a 1 year membership.

After all that I told them that I was not interested in listing my name if they required a membership fee and promptly hung up.

Beware of any listing that requires you to pay a fee, otherwise really you are just paying for advertising your name over the internet.

209fa9e6, 2008-10-03, 07:37PM CDT

I guess from Empire to Manchester to Cambridge. So from fantasy to lower

middle class to upper class.

I don't think this is as much of a scam as a very incompetent attempt at forming a 'network' for a lot of people who are desperate to form networks. It is very amateurish, I have to say. Their products are poorly done; the CD is very amateurish, they don't seem to have a website that's well worked and smart. Their after hours phone message is laughable; a very transparent attempt at 'sophisticated music' with some classical styled music playing. All together it all looks like a thrown together nothing. I mean it's sad. I feel sorry for people. A lot of them are probably undervalued at work and in their personal lives. Bright but not brilliant. Good and presentable but not a shining star. People, have patience. Your life and your reputation are not a race. Cambridge is NOT the kind of way you really want to connect with people. I have to say that video dating service I joined over 20 years ago did deliver for the dollars involved; if only to prove I didn't need to resort to a video dating service to meet anyone. It cost $1800 and in the end I couldn't sell or transfer it to anyone; it was a loss. But what I did learn is that this is really not necessary; I value it the way you would a bad stomach cramp while you were swimming; you survived and made it to shore and but you learned what you needed to know. As you reach into your memory bank of life you feel a pain-pleasure recognition of what you did wrong; you never have to go back there again. What I saw: a lot of smart, well educated people, who aren't top of the line physically trying to meet another appreciative person, someone with guts and imagination. Most of them are middle class strivers, not the power elite folks who mostly meet at private clubs or clubs which are invitation only. They know who they are; a lot of them have never worked a day in their lives. No this is definitely a product of the middle class: people who have jobs and professionalism but not the time to meet another person. Again, on Cambridge: to join for a relatively large sum of money is bad; in my estimation based on what I've received the service is worth about $150 at most, even then they should offer discounts for anyone making less than a 6 digit income. It is a borderline scam I believe, but not intentional. Their products are poor, their salespersonship 80s style pushy, "you gotta have this or else you're a really bad boy or girl and not true to yourself". Or they give you the compliment you yearn to hear from your boss or your important other and it pinches that nerve end just long enough for you to concede. Remember: doing is not the same as having; unfortunately life is what life is: full of disappointment in people who will not, cannot or won't fulfill their promises to you or anyone else. Also: your best lover, as the song goes, is your very own self.

Stringers fish out good candidates. They find a likely sucker, someone who needs to form networks for whatever reasons: maybe they're in a group that's been discriminated against or have a career that's blossomed for them later in life. They're definitely not part of America's power elite. Just middle class people with good intentions, good jobs and a sense of integrity who are desperately looking for a network.

If you ever in your life achieve great prominence make it cause to wonder because most of the really great people in life never get any recognition at all. If anyone then offers you a place in their Whos Who book, unless it's completely for free or they're giving you an honorarium, just say no. Just say no to: False Recognition. Remember, these people are playing a game with your wallet.

Let??s discuss this:

[email protected]

e5538560, 2009-02-10, 05:14PM CST

I was taken by them! They are very pushy and even answer your questions to appease you. In the end they deliver nothing of value. I wrote a complaint against them to the BBBl and am fighting to get a refund. I was sold a multi-media saturation package in which I was promised 1st page search engine results using keywords and publications in major newspapers and magazines in my geographical area. I have a PhD in Marketing(no time or direct resources to pursue mktg myself hence outsourcing) and knew the right questions to ask them. I was assured it was what I was purchasing. It is not any of what I have received.

43d7c58d, 2009-02-13, 11:03AM CST

I was taken by these people and they threw in a hidden fee on me as well. I was charged 118 dollars and they told me I would be charged 99 dollars. I have called my cc company and told them. They said they have to let it go through before they can call on it and get it back. I called the company and they said all sales are final but they will make it the best 6 months of my life. However as a curtesy I will be getting 50 dollars back.. in a couple of days or so... I'm so tired of being scammed!!! I have recently avoided 2 other scams involved yorkies and computers.... I so better get my money back....

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