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October 26, 2006

COX COMMUNICATIONS, PHOENIX AZ I have been through a three month customer service nightmare ! August 2006, added high speed internet to my existing service of phone and digital cable. Purchased modem from Cox. Went home and tried to install the product only to find that the original install done by COX three years ago was done incorrectly. Instead of putting an outlet in each room as requested, they put a splitter with co-axe and pulled it into two rooms. When I tried to connect the high speed internet, there was not enough signal to run both the TV and Internet. I called to set up a service call for an single outlet in each room. Two week later a "genius" technician showed up and said " It's a splitter problem, I can't fix this" and left ! I called back and rescheduled another appointment with COX for a outlet installation. The earliest appointment was three week later. In the mean time, I got my monthly bill which included a charge for a service call for $45.00 ! I called back....I was told "We can't take the charge off until the work is rescheduled and completed". I waited for the next technician to show up....(more time off work). This time the technician started running co-axe all over the outside of my house, only to get half way around and state "This bush is too big, and it has thorns. You must remove it before I can complete the work". Fine, I called back and said "I have no internet service, I should not be charged AND as soon as I can get someone to trim the hedge I will call to reschedule for the third time a service appointment". Two weeks later a technician was rescheduled for Sunday "between 1:00 and 3:00". Additionally I was now having issues with my digital TV service, so I called again and asked if they could send someone at the same time as the outlet installer already planned. The answer was "No, it has to be someone else". So that Sunday, I waited for the outlet installer to show up "between 1:00 and 3:00" and the TV person to show up "between 3:00 and 6:00". At 3:00 pm no one had shown up, so I called AGAIN. I was told "He was there and no one was home, he tagged the door and called to leave a message" I WAS HOME AND THE PHONE ON THE ENTIRE DAY. I told them to check the phone one called. I was also informed that because this guy didn't show up...they cancelled the TV call ! THIS MAKES DAY THREE WASTED WITH NO SERVICE. After I calmed down I called back to speak to a manager and was told someone would call me one did. Then I come home from work a couple of days service had been turned off !!!!!! I called again, I was told I was $152.00 past due and service would remain off until I paid (for service I was NOT getting). I called back the next day and asked to speak to a manager....I was connected to the incredibly RUDE Marisa. I was told there never was a service call set up for the prior Sunday "We never set up calls for Sunday", and because I "took so long to reschedule the service call after the "bush to big" guy, they were not going to discount my bill ! So now I'm being told I am a liar and need to pay for service not received !!!!! I CANCELLED ALL SERVICE WITH COX COMMUNICATIONS AND WILL GO TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT KIND OF CRIMINALS THEY ARE.


30ca866c, 2008-12-20, 07:47AM CST

I could think of bigger fusses than this. Why do you have thorn bushes around your house anyways? You think no one will ever need to work on your house? There may have been a tech issue, but you are the real criminal. I had a good experience with Cox, and the people I have contacted over the phone have been professional. I think you are just trying to get something for nothing. People like you need to find something better to do than this.

a37bf1e3, 2009-08-12, 07:43PM CDT

The person listed above me is a putz and you should disregard their lame and probably unfamiliar comments. I almost suspect they're employed by Cox to answer in such a carefree manner.

On another note: Anyone that has Cox knows hold times spent waiting for a representative can be over 25 minutes. There should be a law similar to what California has in which you must able to talk to someone within the first 2 minutes of your initial call.

Cox is named appropriately in regards to poor service and over charging for even the most basic of services.

Last note: Why do we pay so much for a service were constantly being force fed so many commercials and advertisements in the first place? I literally pay an additional 30.00 for "extended service" which would include A&E and MTV and watch close to 15 minutes of the aforementioned advertisements whilst viewing a 30 minute program. Just doesn't make sense to me at all.

I was I was a cable television provider! Anyone wanna invest with me?

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