Terrible Experience with Costco.com

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Terrible Experience with Costco.com

October 26, 2006

I ordered a bedroom set online at Costco.com on 11 Aug 06. The website promised 4-6 weeks for delivery. My credit card was charged on 11 Aug for $3,727.48. I received an email on 24 Aug 06 stating that my furniture was shipped on 23 Aug 06 but I cannot check the status of delivery. Then six weeks passed without hearing anything about my furniture. I called Costco.com and was told that Costco.com had to check with the delivery company because they cannot check the status of delivery themselves. After two more phone calls to Costco.com customer service and two phone calls with the delivery company I found out that my furniture needed to be repaired before delivery. I did not pay a full price to buy repaired furniture so I canceled the order.

I was told that it will take 7-10 days to before I receive my refund. Waited 10 days but did not receive a refund and did not receive any phone call from Costco.com for the status of my refund. I called Costco.com again and was told that it took 7 days for them to get an authorization from the delivery company so they need another week before I can get my money back. One more week went by without my money and any update from Costco.com. I called again on a Friday and was told that they never received an anthorization from the delivery company and the refund section was not open that day but he will send them an email requesting to expedite my claim. I sent them an email requesting an immediate return of my money and my intention to file a formal complaint. The weekend went by but still no phone call or refund received next Monday. I called again on Tuesday. I was told that the refund section was not in Monday either but they will send another email to the refund section. I asked for a supervisor and was told that a supervisor will call me back. I did receive a call back from a supervisor that day (Tuesday) and she told me that she will escalate this situation and will give me a call back as soon as it gets resolved. No more phone calls that day. No phone calls on Wednesday either.

Now it’s Thursday 26 Oct 06. I’ve been without my money ($3,727.48) for a day short of 11 weeks, never received my furniture, and close to no customer service from Costco.com.

What I learned from this experience:

1) Never again order furniture through Costco.com.

2) Costco.com does not follow through with their promise nor do they, as a company, care how I feel or what I say.

3) Think again before ordering anything through Costco.com and consider how long I can live without my money and nothing in return for my money.

I am uncertain when, if ever, Costco.com is going to return my money and I need to find a way to get my money sooner. I still need bedroom furniture but I don’t have my money anymore.


Nokesville, VA 20181

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