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Waffle House / Horrible Food Service

October 26, 2006

I submitted the following on the Waffle House website....partly for my own humor and because it such a horrible experience.

To Whom It May Concern: This incident took place last night 10/24 at around 10pm. My girlfriend and I went to a movie Newport, KY. Afterwards we were extremely hungry so I suggested we go to Waffle House, or Wa-Ho as my some of us affectionately call it. My girlfriend had never been to a Wa-Ho so I was sure that she would enjoy her first experience at your restaurant. I would consider myself a loyal customer to Wa-Ho as I have traveled over to Kentucky (From Ohio) on many a late night just so I can enjoy a mouth-watering All Star Special mmmmm... Many times before, I have been satisfied with my Wa-Ho experience, but this night things were different.

We walked into the establishment and at the time there were only two other patrons in the whole place. Our waitress started by taking our drink order. Which only took about 10 minutes to get for us. And then she took our food order. My girlfriend is a vegetarian but due to the nature of breakfast food it was no problem finding something on the menu to her liking. She ordered a cheese and tomato omelette and I of course ordered the usual delectable All Star Special (with the eggs over easy, bacon, and grits) our waitress put our order in and then proceeded to flirt with the two older gentlemen at the other end of the restaurant. This seemed to be a recurring theme throughout this experience. My girlfriend went to use the restroom after we ordered and returned promptly saying she didn't use it because it was "disgusting" and "out of order" she did not have to elaborate any more….I got the picture. After about 15 minutes or so our food arrived. My All-star Special had arrived sans grits or a waffle and my vegetarian girlfriend's omelette arrived with big chunks of ham in it. Our waitress promptly informed my girlfriend that the cook had messed up her omelette. But still proceeded to serve it! She then also informed me that the cook had burnt my waffle because (roughly translated) "those damn guys won't shut-up and leave us alone" I was thinking all along that this situation could easily be avoided if the waitress and cook did not gravitate towards these two, in our waitress' words "obnoxious" men, every time there was a lapse in service, which seeing as we were her only table this happened to be very often. After she put our food down she promptly returned to the other side of the restaurant where the cook and the two men were talking and stood with her back to us. My girlfriend and I were in shock at what had just occurred as she sat there with a ham filled omelette in front of her and I sat mourning the absence of my waffle (Which I have made a habit of eating first when I get the All Star) and my grits. After about 5 minutes our server finally turned around and we were able to get her attention. We explained to her that we would like the omelette remade since it was supposed to be just cheese and tomato. She called it to the cook who grudgingly started to make it again. I also informed her that I got grits with my meal as well, which she then got for me. About 5 minutes later she brought over my waffle which despite having been burnt the first time and then remade was still burnt. Possibly due to the fact that "those men won't shut up and leave us alone". I had already finished my eggs, hash browns, and toast when the waitress brought out my girlfriend's remade omelette. She then set is down and nonchalantly informed us "He messed it up again". The cook amazingly had made the exact same omelette! This would have been perfect, once again if the person who was eating it wasn't a vegetarian! At this point the server said she would take it off our bill, which in most restaurants means that they will remake it to your liking but you just won't have to pay for it. This is called remedying or rectifying the situation. Apparently however these employees had not been trained in this type of customer service because after about ten minutes of waiting we realized that the cook and the waitress were still over talking to those guys who just "wouldn't leave them alone". Apparently the staff did not feel they needed to make a third omelette since they had already failed miserably the first two times.

I was almost grateful at this point because I wanted to get out of this place after enduring about 45 minutes of horrendous service which not only made my girlfriend and I feel extremely uncomfortable but more importantly left her still starving! Both of us have worked in the restaurant industry and we understand the importance of tipping so rarely do I tip under 20% on a bill. However I did something I regret, but due to gross negligence and shocking indifference from the whole staff I did not leave a tip. Overall this was the most disappointing customer service I have ever received. I strongly feel that my girlfriend and I will not return because of this experience but I felt I should inform you of this experience so it can be avoided in the future. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Alex



9cce59c5, 2008-06-20, 04:04AM CDT

I have been to this waffle house several times in the past, while I live in Kentucky and not o so far away from the wa-ho, I have seen many come and go there, (waitresses and cooks that is). This was written a couple of years ago, but I can tell you some things have changed and others have gotten worse. The last time my boyfriend and I decided to stop at this same Waffle House the Cook was a snake, I felt sorry for our waitress, because the cook was so mean to her. She screamed at her several times and I thought not only was it rude, unclassy, and uncalled for, but please, is something that happens behind that counter such a big deal that she had to attack our waitresses character. As far as the waitress is concerned, she was great, but the cook needs to go to consider enrolling in charm school, it is not a matter of lacking in charm or class, she just didn't have any.

64073f3b, 2012-06-27, 10:26AM CDT

Tell your dumb broad girlfriend that eggs are meat. She's a terrible vegetarian.

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