The UPS Store #53

Posted on Sunday, October 22nd, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 6de05974

Company: The UPS Store #53

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The UPS Store #53

October 21, 2006

My complaint is that the manager of the store tells me that I can not get the $40.00 refunded for shipping of an item that he shipped to me, and also packed there at the store. The item was an antique mantel clock that obviously was fragile as it had glass on the front of it. When it arrived to my home, the box was torn and delivered upside down. The mantel clock was completely destroyed and in my opinion not packed well. The manager sent me an email when I asked him for the shipping cost back also. He refunded only the amount that I paid for the clock, which I purchased from an auction. He gave me an excuse about not refunding the shipping which I find odd. I believe I should be refunded the shipping also. Otherwise, I paid them $40. for destroying an antique clock! They were the ones that packed it and shipped it. This is the email the manager of the store sent me: Hello Linda Byrnes, Thanks for the return email. The money that you paid for our services is what insured that UPS was willing to pay for the damaged clock. Our services met the insurance requirements so that UPS knew that our packaging service was not the cause of the damage to the clock but rather how the package was handled in transit. I regret that UPS will not refund the charges for our services. We did our charge correctly again insuring that you would be reinbursed for the damage to the clock. I regret that I am unable then to return the fee for our services as without them you would not have been able to receive anything from UPS. Keenan Pettit

The UPS Store #53

248-559-1690 I tried to resolve this by emailing the corporate UPS site, and gave them all the information such as tracking numbers, etc. but they emailed back and said I needed to resolve the problem with the UPS store that shipped the item. So you see, I am at a loss as to whom is suppose to take care of the problem and neither the store, nor the corporate office seem to be any help. I ship items daily as I sell on ebay and they need to know that if I don’t get a refund for the shipping fee, that I will not use UPS again. I ship at least 20 items a week and will never use UPS again unless they resolve this problem. I believe they will lose a lot more than $40.00 if I use FexEx , USPS, or another shipping company. I will also discourage friends, family and customers from using UPS unless they resolve this matter so I believe in the long run they will lose a lot more than just my business. Thank you, Linda

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