claim: Air india Cancelled Flight ( Flight AI 144 ) - Claim: Air india cancelled flight ( Flight AI 144 )

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Company: claim: Air india Cancelled Flight ( Flight AI 144 )

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Claim: Air india cancelled flight ( Flight AI 144 )

October 21, 2006


Edison, NJ 08820

October 20, 2006

RE: claim: Air india Cancelled Flight ( Flight AI 144 )

Dear Sir/Madam:

We want to inform you our disatisfaction with Air India regarding the compensation due to the cancelled flight on 12/21/2003. Following is the summary of the complaint.

Air India flight ( From Newark NJ to Bombay - India ) was cancelled on 12/21/03 due to some reason unknown to us.Four of my family members named below were on board the flight.

1. Najmi Shaikh 2. Shua Shaikh 3. Ilham Shaikh 4. Mina Siddiqui

Flight was reschedulled next day and arrived at bombay one day late. Consequently, they missed the connecting train, hotel reservation and had to to stay in hotel an extra dayand then travel by bus to Jalna city, thus suffering considerable monitory loss and hardship.

We filed the written complaint to Air India for the compensation. The request was sent to Air India customer relation manager @ 570 Lexington ave. NY-NY 10022. original air tickets, boarding passes, train tickets ( 2nd class A/C ) and bus tickets were mailed to Air India by certified mail.

After several requests, Air India agreed to pay one ticket fare as a compensation. Air India representative left the message on our voice mail regarding this compensation.

On October 7, 2004 Air India mailed us a check of $ 33.00 instead of one ticket as a compensation. We returned the check back to air india as the amount was not enough to cover the monitory loss.

Please note that it has been almost 3 years and Air India has not resolved the issue of compensation. We request your assistance and help for obtaning the fair compensation. If you need the copies of the documents or any other information, please call us or E mail @ COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_56151#

Thank your cooperation in this matter.



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