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Posted on Saturday, October 21st, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by f72f6dd3

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1988 toyota 4runner motor / US MOTORS IN AUBURN WA October 20, 2006

I purchased a new rebuilt motor for my 1988 toyota 4runner, from US ENGINES in Auburn,WA. I paid $1450.00 for this new motor with such a great warranty. figured I could not go wrong..

8 years 80,000 mile warranty.. When the motor was installed, the motor just didnt sound right. sounded like the valves were really loose.. had my mechanic who installed the motor. **phams complete auto repair" in burien, WA. I immediatly called US ENGINES, about this . they told me the motor should be adjusted at 12,000 miles **.10 on the valve adjustments, which was done. Since the adjustment, the motor has made no difference in sound.. still sounds like its going to fall apart.

Also at 1,000 miles, the rear main seal was leaking oil.. the mechanic at Phams complete auto repair replaced the seal at NO CHARGE TO ME!!! after the rear seal was replaced noticed oil still leaking. took it back to the mechanic, he said there was something wrong with the crank. that only made one size rear main oil seal.. we called US ENGINES, regarding this matter. they told me , that the mechanic must of not adjusted the valves correctly. and if i had to bring it to them, they would have to charge me for the valve adjustments.. NO matter if under 8 yr 80,000 mile warranty in effect. also told John,at US ENGINES. which claims is the warranty speacialist..about the rear main seal, still leaking oil he told me he didht have time to look at it, to wait one week, and bring it in. to let them look at it. after the fact they told PHAM. they wanted him to take out the transmission again. so they could send someone up there to look at it..

John at US ENGINES , also stated he would not be able to even look at my motor for atleast one week, told John at US ENGINES, I COULD bring it in on monday 10.23.06 . John said the shop wouldnt be open, then changed his mind and said , he couldnt look at it till the following friday 10.27.06 This motor has been nothing but problems, from the begining. david

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8e4b5c92, 2011-03-26, 09:14PM CDT

I have heard dozens of complaints just like this. If I was you I would advertize for other consumers with bad experience with US Engine. There is one more at least right on these pages. Once you have 8 others you can start a class action lawsuit, With 4-5 others you could try getting the attorney general to look into the matter.

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