Tata Indicom Prepaid services - Pune

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Company: Tata Indicom Prepaid services - Pune

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Tata Indicom Prepaid services - Pune

October 19, 2006

Here is my experience with Tata Indicom who are saying that we are perfect in address verification and services. I had taken a Tata Indicom prepaid CDMA connection in Bangalore, India 4 months back (in June'2006). I have submitted all the required documents and felt that the services are so pathetic and there is no customer support for that company. Now, in Oct'2006 I have relocated to Pune, India and I visited a Tata Indicom showroom called Smartek in Chatushrungi temple road near Pune University circle where two useless young girls are managing the showroom. I requested them to transfer my connection from Bangalore to Pune. But, they told it is not possible and they asked me to take a new SIM card and get a new number. Then, I accepted for that and took a new SIM and number by paying once again the activity charges, etc. I submitted all the documents whatever they asked, at that time itself. They checked the documents and accepted. Then I felt very happy about Tata Indicom ( I felt probably they might have learned from their mistakes). But, the happiness is not there even for 1 week also. I am getting the SMS messages saying that your form is not complete and submit the documents. Then immediately I approached the same Smartec showroom (even though it is far for me). They told, 123 people from Tata indicom will send sms like that only to all the people and don't worry because your services are not interrupted. They have not even enquired about my case. Then after 2 days, my outgoing service is cut and not working. Then immediately I approached the same show room. Then they told me that, may be some of the documents are missing (they don't even have interest to find out which doc is missing because they already got the full money). Then, even though my wife is pregnant, along with our 2 yrs old kid, I sent my wife to that showroom to submit the docs ( as I have busy schedule in office). She went there and submitted the docs once gaian. That time also they does not know what is missing in the docs. My wife came back and then she got a call from same showroom people saying that "the photoID which we have submitted and the photo which we had given are not matching" (eventhough both are mine only and I had given letter from my company also which is a gaint in IT industry). Then we were shocked as the photoID (Pan card copy) and the photo that we had given are same. OK, I called several times to that showroom from public booth and once in 100 trails, they used to lift the phone as if they are busy talking to customers. Then the next day, my incoming also cut and phone is of no use. But I paid 700 Rs for activation and 1 month validity. I need to do lot of communication with mypeople since these days and which is missing becoze of these Tata Indicom Stupids. Now it is almost 1 week, daily I am calling those stupid people and they will reply me that today it will be done sir, no problem, good day sir..like that. I am very much upset on the pathetic services they provide to customers. What I have to do?

Tata Indicom should not trouble the genuine customers by saying that 100% verification we are doing. How many times, they will verify even for prepaid connection is it required to check in bangalore and pune separately, the same customer? They don't have any online systems to check a consumer details? The customer is paying huge amounts for initial activation..is it not their responsibility to come and collect the documents if any thing they feel it is missing? Why the customer has to go around the Tata Indicom show rooms like to Govt offices in India even after paying the money? Pl help me and give me some good suggestions

Thanks & Regards, Kalyana

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