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Posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 841bd3d1

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Virgin Mobile

October 18, 2006

In July 2006 we purchased a Nokia Shorty phone from Virgin Mobile. After talking several times to customer service, we determined this was the less expensive than purchasing a phone from Radio Shack. Red flags should have gone up then because the customer service reps argued with me about what the web page said, when I was reading it directly to them. They would tell me “No, it doesn’t say that.We were told the phone was free (a refund would be issued for the purchase price—in reality they added dollars to the Virgin account not a refund to my credit card). After using the phone for the 1 month we needed it, Virgin charged my credit card $51.73. When I called 9/14/06 to find out why, Guy told me it was a mistake and he would issue a refund to my credit card. I called 9/24/06 and spoke with David since the refund had not appeared. In addition to his rude attitude he said there were no notes in my file from Guy and that they would never refund the monthly charge—pretty much he called me a liar. Guy also had told me we had 328 minutes remaining so I figured ok, I’ve paid for them so we might as well use them. Then they hit my credit card again the next month. That’s when I said delete my card number, you do not have the authority to charge anything to my account. We were told when the phone was purchased that you could top up for $20 at a time—so I did that. The phone shows a balance of $23.41 but will not make calls. This time the customer service rep said you can’t just top up you have to purchase a monthly plan and then if you need extra minutes you can top up. This company has done nothing but tell lies and misrepresent how their service works. I will make sure that anyone I see in a store looking at a Virgin Mobile phone gets an earful about how customer unfriendly this company is. I suppose this is one to file under “lesson learned”. Vonnie

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