Dunkin Donuts

Posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 7dec6e80

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Dunkin Donuts

October 18, 2006

I went to Odenton area visiting my friend on Oct 16, 2006. And I stopped by Dunkin Donuts drive thru for two large coffees at in between 9:30 thru 10:00am. I gave one 20 dollar bill to the casher, and she only gave me $6.xx back to me, so I told casher that I about that , then she was telling me that I only gave her 10 dollar bill, of course her punched in 10 dollars, she told my to pull my car to the side. Then few minutes she came out and wants me to leave my contact number, and then she will let me know if she is wrong I can come back anytime. I went home and call the store manager, the manager told me the casher put the money in to right place, this is the problem bother me, the manager was not stand beside her, how can he said she is right, and he also telling me some customer always think they are right. He said he can't count the drawer now, they needed to follow the routine, they check the drawer at 2:00pm, and he will call me for result. He called me back around near two, and said to me they already check the drawer and there is only extra $4 in draw not $10, he said he can check the video tape to check, he called me back and said can't find anything to proof but he will pay $10 back to me and I can stop by tomorrow. I went down there this morning about at9:40, the staff told me that manager will not be in at noon, she said the drawer was correct yesterday, I told her the story, and come back afternoon. I told them I'm coming back I left my name, phone number and address and ask them send me a check, staff said she will let him call me. I have not received anything from them. I complaint this is not for only 10 bucks, is how they treat customer and don't try to result the problem. Szu


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