STAPLES -- that wasn't easy

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Company: STAPLES -- that wasn't easy

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STAPLES -- that wasn't easy

October 18, 2006

Dear Consumer Advocate: My name is Jeffrey Rutzky, and I am a consumer. Recently I had a terrible experience at STAPLES that exposed unjust pricing and competitive practices among the three retails-serving arms of the corporation: STAPLES Stores,, and STAPLES

Catalog sales via their 800 number. I was able to contact a competent and sympathetic Executive Customer Relations Department at their corporate offices in Framingham, MA, but all they could do was pass my concerns up the ladder, and offer to iron out wrinkles relative to my order. I put together a document (attached PDF) that summarizes some of the inconsistencies and unfriendly practices that seem to contradict any major corporation's desire to serve its customer base, not to mention its bottom line. Please help me help them change their corporate policies and misleading business practices. Their customer-available policy statements clearly misrepresent advertising (specifically their 110%

Price Match Guarantee) in such a way as to be considered illegal. Should you wish detailed information regarding my order nightmare and discovery process, I am available anytime to discuss this with you. Thank you for your time and consideration, Jeffrey

New York, New York


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