American Airlines crooked practices

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American Airlines crooked practices

October 18, 2006

I recently purchased 2 round trip tickets to San Antonio, TX to enjoy an Air Force Graduation. Unfortunately we ran into an issue that delayed the graduation and had to reschedule the trip. Here is where American delivered a huge shock to my budget. First the documents I was presented with stated that rescheduling would incur a fee of up to $100 depending on the fare purchased. Well as it turns out the fee would be the maximum $100 per seat or 2/3 of the fare for taking up about 1 minute of the airlines time. Quite the scam I must say!

However it gets better. When we rescheduled the flight we were also penalized by the airline because a travel agency recommended American to us. Another $30 per ticket in added penalties. When I asked to speak to a supervisor he laughed and told me to book and accept the added fees or just let American keep it all. So this will be my first and last trip with American Airlines, the airline that prides itself on robbing the flying public. I can't wait for doctors to adopt these practices. Then when you call to reschedule an appointment they can charge you $100 simply because you as the customer are an interruption to their day.

It time for the American people to turn their back on American Airlines and let them go bankrupt. Pay a little more and fly with the more professional airlines. The cheap fare is not worth the lousy treatment and fleecing of your hard earned money.



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