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Sprint PCS

October 18, 2006

On April 29th last my daughter visited the Sprint Store at 2388 South Oneida Street in Green Bay, WI, for service on her Sanyo VI-2300. She'd been having trouble with that phone for about three months by then. She spoke with "Retail Comunications Cunsultant" [sic] Christina Lynn Blondheim. Ms. Blondheim examined the phone briefly and declared it to be water damaged and the warranty void.

I couldn't find the slightest hint of any damage from water or any kind of abuse on the phone. There wasn't a trace of any moisture within the clear plastic buttons or the accessories port. All metal parts were clean and free of corrosion. There were no cracks in the case or impact marks from being dropped. All buttons worked smoothly without sticking. Other than some very small scratches on the exterior that one would expect as a result of being carried in a purse the phone appeared as new, and still does.

On May 1st I spoke on the phone with a Sprint representative who informed me that Ms.

Blondheim had recorded in her notes that the phone had been "immersed" and the warranty was thus void. I also visited the Sprint Store at 1601 Lawrence Drive in De Pere, WI. I asked the Sprint representatives there, Jason Freeman and Mike Tisch, to examine the phone for water damage. They could not find any. Mr. Tisch told me water damage usually shows up as white deposits in the accessories port. They also pointed out two black rectangles in the battery compartment and one white rectangle on the battery itself. They told me rectangles were moisture detectors and would change

color if exposed to moisture. The detectors in my daughter's phone showed no exposure to moisture. The battery compartment cover is a good fit, but the compartment is certainly not watertight. If this phone had been "immersed", as Ms. Blondheim claims, the moisture detectors would surely have been tripped. Clearly, this phone has not been exposed to any appreciable amount of moisture at any time. If Ms. Blondheim believed it had, she is merely incompetent; if she was aware it had not, then she was lying. In either case she is not fit to hold her present position. I informed Sprint via email of this episode and explained that they could not refuse to honor a valid warranty without voiding the service agreement. Their response, and the successive give and take via email, follow verbatim:


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