Verizon Fios Internet Service

Posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by fb6ffb83

Company: Verizon Fios Internet Service

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Verizon Fios Internet Service

October 18, 2006

Verizon Fios Service, Dallas Tx. I called Verizon Fiber Optic Service to have Interent and TV installed in June 2006. On Oct. 16 2006 I woke up to find that I did not have Internet access. At 8 am I called Verizon's Tech Service and asked them why. After 20 minutes on hold I was told by one of their supervisors that my service had been canceled. I asked them why. They stated that they did not know why my service was canceled. I was put on hold while they checked. The rep returned to tell me that my service was indeed canceled and they did not know why and that they could not reconnect it until they determined why it was canceled, but the supervisor that was in charge was busy and that they would call me back in a couple of minutes. I was never called back. I called again at 2:08 because I had not heard anything. I was told that there was some very strange things going on with my account and that a person in billing " Ellen" would call me back. I never received a return call. I called again at 4:02 because I did not hear from them. I was told this time by the rep that my service would be connected by the next morning and that she would personnally call me at 8 am to verify that I was up and running. 10-17-2006 I never got a phone call the next morning nor did I have service. Again I called the help line and was told by Eric that he was sorry and if he could have my phone number he would call me every couple of hours and keep my up to speed on the status of his progression. I never received a call. The next morning 10-18-2006 I called and asked to speak to a Supervisor. I was conected to a supervisor that said she was sorry but she did not know why my serviced was canceled but that she would connect me with someone that would reconnect my service. I was transfered to Anthony! After waiting on hold for 25 minutes Anthony came to the line and said that he could not talk to me anymore and that he would have to transfer me to collections. I asked him why because I had an existing credit with Verizon. He just stated that he could not talk to me and gave me the number to collections. I called collections and explained everything and the collections officer state that she was sorry but that I had a credit and that she did not know why I was told to call collections. I asked her if she could transfer me to the correct department. She transfered me. The transfer was to Long Distance Services? I asked the rep why I was transfered to her she said she did not know and asked me what I was lookking for I told her help with my Fiber Optic Internet Service so she transfered me again to the wrong department. I hung up the phone and called back twice. Both times I was told that I did not have service from Verizon nor was I in their system. I called back at noon and finally got someone that had me up and going from scratch in one hour! Why wasn't it done in the first place. After I was totally back online I called a Supervisor at Verizon. I asked her why I had to endure such grief. I asked the Supervisor if I could get some credit other than one month of service being that I had to use 311 minutes on my cell phone, could not pay my bills, and could not manage my investments and was not able to get online for three days. She flat out told me no. I told her that this was a contract service. If I default on the contract before one year they would charge me a disconnect fee of 99.00 so why shouldn't it be the same for the consumer. If they disconnect you before the year is up why shouldn't the consumer be entitled to the same compensation. She stated that it was a one way contract and that it only benefits the company. Not one of the people that told me they would call me back accually called back. Why kind of company is this. I grew up in an environment that If you say that you are going to do something.....Do it...if you can't do it call and let someone know......And this is a Phone Company?


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