GE Monogram IceMaker Model #ZDI15CSSJ

Posted on Tuesday, October 17th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 7cb5ac1f

Company: GE Monogram IceMaker Model #ZDI15CSSJ

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GE Monogram IceMaker Model #ZDI15CSSJ

October 16, 2006

We purchased this icemaker and had it installed when we spec’d out our new Ashton-Woods (a whole other disaster) home in Frisco, Texas. It worked for about 15 months and stopped making ice. We called GE twice and set up a service call, but no one showed up, or called either time. The first appointment was during a weekday, so we took a half-day off of work to wait for them, and the other was a wasted Saturday waiting for the phone to ring. Called GE the following Monday, and, after being on hold a total of 44 minutes with various “Express Customer Service” representative, finally spoke to Valerie (L643458) who said that they had no record of any service call being scheduled. There was no apology or excuse offered- just a matter-of-fact attitude, and a third rescheduling of a service call (between 8 am- 5 pm). We’ll see if anyone shows up this time. Unfortunately, GE knows that we’ve already bought the product, and there is no subscription to cancel or any other retribution we have available to us. We are completely at their mercy, and they will get to us when they get around to it. Going on 1 month with no ice…


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