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October 14, 2006

This is a complaint about Advocare products, (health supplements, vitamins, etc.) and the way the company handles complaints.

I purchased Advocare health supplements because the salesperson assured me they were guaranteed. This is the ONLY reason I went forward with the purchase, because the products are so ultra expensive. In order for me to get set up with the basic products I supposedly needed, it cost $500.00. I tried the products and immediately, I didn't like them. I called my sales rep after just four days on the products to report this. She told me I hadn't given them a fair chance and to keep taking them. She also had the salespeople above her (this is a pyramid type sales company) call me to say the same .. just stick with them, you'll love them.

Foolishly, I did stick with them because I did agree that four days probably wasn't long enough to give them a fair try. I periodically spoke to the salesperson, always indicating that I was not seeing the results promised, etc. Just keep taking them, sometimes it takes a couple of months for the benefits to "kick in," is what I was always told.

At the end of the supply I had taken, I still was not favorably impressed, nor did I want to re-order, that's for sure! I began calling my salesperson to say I would like my money refunded, as she had told me up front when speaking to me about the guarantee. Problem was, she was no where to be found! I left message after message for her at numerous numbers and even through a couple of people who knew her, to know avail. She NEVER contacted me.

So I decided to contact the company directly. Since this is one of those pyramid sales, there's no building or office you can go to. I looked them up on the web, and emailed them through their website. Basically, they said, send back the UNOPENED products and I could get my money back. But wait! That's NOT what I had been told when she was trying to sell them to me. And how very CONVENIENT that she and the sales people above her kept telling me to USE the products because I might not see the benefit if I didn't use them for a couple of months. When she was trying to sell me the products, she never told me that there were any limitations on the guarantee or that if I actually used the product (d'uh!) that I couldn't get my money back.

So I wrote the company again, pointing out that the salespeople had insisted I wasn't giving the products a fair chance and to keep taking them. NEVER had they told me that had anything to do with the guarantee. All I had ever been told was that I would be satisfied, guaranteed. The company COMPLETELY IGNORED my second letter.

Now in addition to what I consider total misrepresentation of a guarantee, I want to mention how appalled I was when I was first ordering this product (over the phone) and the order taker started asking all these personal questions, like my date of birth and social security number. I said, what in the world do you want to know that for? They said, well, in order for you to sell the products we need to have this information. I said, SELL the products?!! I haven't even TRIED them yet. Why would I want to sell something I haven't even tried?!. But that's what kind of company this is. The second teir sales people even bragged to me about how much money they were raking in on this product. I thought pyramid sales was illegal, anyway.

All I wanted was to be treated fairly, and to get the guarantee I was promised.

So needless to say, I hated the products (which not only did not deliver on the results I was "guaranteed" they actually had the exact opposite effect.) and I hate the company for their lousy customer service. I don't see how this will ever be resolved since both the sales person and the company refuse to even communicate with me. Which means I am out my $500.00. That's a lot of money, to me.

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55ef443e, 2008-11-17, 09:55PM CST

Everything this person commented on is completely untrue. There is no miracle pill, and in order for something to work you have to give it a chance. As far as the company, they have the Best customer service. I lost over 50lbs in 2 and half months. And almost two years later I have kept it off. I also earn a great income, and have helped lots more achieve the same. Both Health and Future!!! Thank you for reading this and hearing the truth.

2c755bf2, 2008-11-29, 10:55AM CST

Shame on them for not honoring their guarantee. But shame on you for buying the products before using them. I've never distributed, but I have been a long time user of the supplements and like the results. You could have never expected to be a successful distributer withough using the products first. But maybe you can get some of your money back on ebay. Good luck to you.

dfce60eb, 2009-11-09, 05:49AM CST

I have taking these products for a couple of years and they are great. I actually stop taking them for a while and noticed a big difference. Yes they do push to sell but that is your choice. You must find the vitamins that work for you and take them just like they say.

bc46f6f5, 2010-01-13, 05:37PM CST

I had the pleasure of reading your letter about your unfavorable experience with Advocare. I wanted to share some insight to your complaints and then my experience. First you mentioned that the person you dealt with promised you something that did not come to past, like a guarantee. Remember it is always the consumers responsibility to check those details before purchasing and the credibility of the person selling the product before slamming the company. I have dealt with many sales people in all different kinds of business's and it happens even with the most prestigious of companies.It sounds like your sales rep that you purchased from may have been over zealous to get you to try the product and may not have explained how to use them. Most of the time in what I have seen in situations like yours is you bought on emotion from wanting what most people want, is to feel better and look better. The problem inherently is most people do not know how to reach those goals without specific direction.

Second, I have recently tried advocare products and followed the program as designed and to my pleasant surprise I lost 30 pounds in 2 months. I have duplicated my success with 8 people already. Not one have had complaints because I was with them supporting and instructing them through the course. My test phase of the products and system Advocare provided was awesome and hope that you reconsider the company and focus more on the integrity of the person you dealt with. Maybe even look at the system you followed that you mentioned you gained weight on the system. Good luck in your future health choices,remember Advocare is a supplement company, you still have to know how to eat and prepare your meals.

b6ea4731, 2010-03-18, 10:54AM CDT


f56a5540, 2010-04-14, 12:22PM CDT

If you do exactly what your told, it'll work. These products work or people like drew brees wouldnt be the main spokesperson (while doing it for free) if they didn't work.

71c04e14, 2010-04-17, 03:41PM CDT

I think the most important thing for anyone to remember is: THERE ARE PROBLEMS IN ALL BUSINESSES; whether corporate or a business such as Advocare & other Direct selling Businesses. My husband went to work for a MAJOR medical related company. On his first day, his schedule changed. He was put into a different department than he interviewed for and a completely different shift, which in turn affected his differential, which in turn lowered our income. In two years, we have had six shift/income changes.

We too, had left a better paying job, believing that this was our way to climb in the industry as well as increasing our income....

What I am trying to say is this...there are NO perfect jobs...there will always be difference of opinions and he said/she said situations. I have learned through the years also, that 99% of the time, people's responses are determined and predicated upon how they are approached....Soooo, make this a learning journey, think twice before you yourself tends not to be completely honest with someone, and do your research before you jump into something. Ultimately, you chose to join this company....NO one forced you.

If you are interested I am not, have never been involved with Advocare...simply a seasoned "ole" lady who has made her mistakes and chosen to glean wisdom from the choices I have made.

e619521b, 2010-06-01, 11:06AM CDT

I have been using Advocare products for 8 years and I signed up as a distributor so I could get a discount on my products. I have never had a problem and love the products. I lost 54 lbs and feel really good. This company does not force you to sell a certain amount to keep your discount which I think is awesome because honestly I am not a sales person at all. They keep improving and putting out new stuff. I am a very satisfied customer.

8f66f9ad, 2010-07-17, 11:13AM CDT

I just want to add that advocare is an excellent company. Nothing is guaranteed but i do know that i have taken it and saw great results, and so have 3 of my friends. No one i don't believe has put a gun to your head and made you by the products, i think personally by you having negative energy you produced a negative effect. I am not on hear to redicule you or make fun, but if you follow the regimate that your supposed to follow and practice a healthy lifestyle then i know the outcome would have been positive.

Now as for the pyramid comment, you are right pyramid schemes are illegal, advocare is not that. Advocare is no different then lets say AMWAY, which has the same concept. I.E. one of the most successful IBOs out there. (indepenent business owner) just in case you didn't know. So i apologize for your negative experiences but the product is pretty awesome and has a lot of backing to prove it. I used it 7 yrs ago and have requested that other people use it to, and they all have been impressed. Sorry for your inconvinience. Have a great week. Hope things have gotten better for you

ec27dd0e, 2010-08-08, 09:14AM CDT

I am so sorry for your bad experience. However, your comments have saved me from making a similar mistake. I was invited to a presentation. I wanted to learn about the product but the only thing they wanted to talk about was how much money you could make. This was a signal to me that the company may not be very reputable. Perhaps you can explore other avenues such as the Better Business Bureau, District Attorney, or something.

8f5b8b1a, 2010-10-22, 08:38PM CDT

Its so funny that there are many posts on here saying oh it worked great for me (btw i am a distributor) not to mention the person that obviously worked for advocare who insted to say you were a negative person! ha!!!!!! you advocare people are so pushy and rude! can someone not tell about their experience and I am suprised this review I found because I have been looking to see if I should try the products and every review I pull up has mysteriously been removed but there is a surplus of advocare distributors sites. THANK YOU FRO STANDING UP AND BEING HONEST ABOUT YOUR OPINION!!

3e73d245, 2010-11-17, 08:42PM CST

I'm sorry to hear that your Advocare experience wasn't enjoyable. However I must say as a person who worked out nearly my entire life that weight loss takes TIME. Advocare's products are not a "magic" pill that you take and four days latter your skinny and better looking.

My fiance and I just completed the 24 day challenge while also working out to P90x and Insanity six days a week. I lost 16 pounds of FAT and she lost 9.

NEVER in all my life have I seen or heard of someone losing that many pounds of fat in such a short amount of time.

But I did follow the program to a T. And knew that I would have to be patient in order to see results.

Hard work Pays OFF! Advocare products are not a "magic" pill. I lost all that weight because of a very...very clean diet, exercise, teamwork and Advocae Supplements.

At any rate I hope that you'll comment on how closely you followed the plan....

8d62df03, 2013-09-09, 05:49PM CDT

Looks like the Advocare trolls have been busy on this comment board. The real truth is that Advocare without exercise does nothing positive towards weight loss. In fact it may cause more harm than good. Just remember exercise is free and it is the bulk of the weight loss achieved with this product. Don't waste your time or money on this pseudo-cult quackery. These MLM scams have been around for decades. Just new ignorant Reps. who will say whatever it takes to recoup their losses.

549a54a2, 2013-11-08, 08:14AM CST

No results in four days!!! What are you an idiot!!! It takes weeks if not months to see results in any training progam. You just don't take the product. eat whatever the hell you want and magically expect results. Diet is 65% of it if not more. You don't deserve your money back PERIOD! That's like me wanting to learn to play the guitar and someone selling me only strings. There are more pieces to the puzzle (join a gym). Use your head! Oh and I don't work for Advocre, and don't take their products.

K P., 2014-02-28, 04:39PM CST

I have been on Advocare for 2 months now. the first month I lost 12 pounds. and I cant seem to lose anymore weight...I speed walk 3 miles a day. I eat healthy..raw greens and vegi smoothies.. nothing but good foods go into my body... I even weigh my portions..I am considering quitting Advocare..I have not lost any weight in over a month and dont know why..I also am going through menopause and realize it makes it harder to lose.. but no fat or weight is coming off even though I gave up sodas , all sugar , chips, pastas , bread , beef, potatoes , I drink tons of water every day now..I only eat boneless skinless chicken breast everyday for lunch & dinner. I do the advocare shake for breakfast , My distributer said well just measure yourself , so I did the day I started the 24 day challenge.. Then I measured again at the end of the 24 day challenge.. I did lose some inches but after the second month i measured again and I actually gained inches and some of the weight back. I am following this thing to a " T " and nothing seems to work..What else can I do to lose weight ? I also do some excercise in my home in addition to the 3 miles a day speed walking.. Really starting to think this is just a rip off.. My Distributer is always busy and never has time to talk to me or help me...I even paid the $79.00 membership fee to get the 20% discount...

JR M., 2014-04-08, 04:31AM CDT

I have been on Advocare products since January 2013. I have lost 65 lbs and 4 dress sizes,all without much exercise. The one thing that really sold me on the products was that I quit taking them for about 6 months last year and I didn't gain all my weight back that I had lost. My best friend has lost 70 lbs on the products. Advocare definitely works. Yes, I am a distributor now, but I didn't start out that way. The only reason I did become a distributor was for the discount for myself since I will be continuing to take to the products for the rest of my life. I see it like a Costco or Sam's Club membership. And yes, for most people who try Advocare and love the results they get from them, they do eventually become "independent distributors" so they can get the discount on the products. That's kind of silly not to. So just because someone says they are a distributor doesn't make their story any less authentic. And KP, don't just go by numbers on a scale. That's amazing you lost 12 lbs in the first month! Now it seems as though your body is gaining muscle, which is denser than fat and weighs more than fat by volume. And in any weight management regimen, you're going to plateau. That's inevitable. Don't give up.

74d3b373, 2014-04-30, 10:38PM CDT

Funny thing about most of the comments that I have read above. Their being hosted by sales reps!

I agree there is no miracle pill. That being said I found today an AdvoCare rep trying to sale their product to a pregnant woman, I decided to place the companies Warning label on the reps post (i.e. pregnant women should consult a doctor before taking it). The rep deleted the entire post.

The problem with companies like AdvoCare is that they use pretty face's to PUSH their products on any "pray", there is no ethics in this company form, or setup. Ultimately all of the liability would fall to the sales rep.

d9e5b63b, 2014-07-22, 09:43AM CDT

Ive tried the products am on day 11 of the 24 day challenge. I was ok in the beggining but do not like the max phase. I started doing more research. Don't like the niacin and some of the ingredients, besides the sucralose and artificial flavorings. Gonna try beachbody and see what it does for me. It doesnt have artificial flavorings or msg and gmo and thats a big concern in what i take for my health. I dont like the nausea and anxiety advocare products are giving me.

Margaret P., 2015-05-12, 06:05AM CDT

I have to say that the products do not work for everyone. I have just experienced similiar experience , I was told I would feel better and maybe lose weight. They say satisfaction guaranteed but do not honor this. I was told only unopened products were returnable but the first directive on the plan was to open all the products and get familiar with them. I had a reaction to the sucralose in the product and still was not able to get refunded. If you don't want to get scammed then do your research!

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