Gateway chevrolet. Chicago, IL

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Company: Gateway chevrolet. Chicago, IL

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Gateway chevrolet. Chicago, IL

October 13, 2006

Gateway chevrolet, Chicago,IL

I was contacted by a lady named Leslie who in return told me that I was approved for any car that I wanted. All I needed to do was bring in a few items for verification and I would drive off the lot with a car. I thought great.

I asked her how much money I would need down and all the other usual things, she said nothing I was approved for a no money down program or a deffered down payment, or a $99 a month program. I live in northern Indiana and left my house at 6 am to catch a train to chicago and the endless transfers and I finally got there the lot was not what I was expecting kind of a dump.

I talked to a man named Jack and he took my information dissapeared for about 10 min than comes back with my credit report and proceeds to tell me good news we can get you in a vehicle for $1000.00 down or a program they call an "Elite" where you need a co-signor for 5-6 months and once you make your payments on time for those months the car will than be put solely in my name, I snickered. I told him I don't have a thousand dollars down and he says most people don't and that he isn't paid hourly he only gets paid if he makes a sell and I am thinking like I care. He than insisted that I call someone to co-sign I told him repeatedly that I did not have anyone to co-sign. I told him that we would be leaving that I just wasted an entire day in chicago not to mention $50.00 for the cost of the train and all the transfers for my son and myself. He proceeds to tell me that he would give me his card and when I found somebody or had the $1000.00, to give him a call I told him to keep his card that I was mislead and they were just liers.

I finally get back home at 3 pm I call Leslie to complain and of course she is unavailable so I talk to her desk partner who puts me on hold for about 10 minutes and gets on the line and all the sudden I get transfered to a voice mail. So I hang up and call back she answers the phone again and I tell her about being transfered she says oh I did that I no longer have your file here so I will transfer you again to talk to someone in sales,so than again I get the voice mail so I leave a message this time and still I have not got a call back.

I can not believe that people are allowed to lie to people like that especially when you have been denied in the past and than you get the call saying you are approved and you are flooded with excitement because finnaly you can get a car to just have it if anyone reads this please don't go to this place it is a rip off and unless you have money or a co-signor you won't drive off in a car that day don't waste your time or effort with this company or there schemes because all they are doing is further damageing your credit report with the inquire.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, Constatine

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