Orkin Pest Control Service

Posted on Saturday, October 14th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by c04d887b

Company: Orkin Pest Control Service

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Orkin Pest Control Service

October 13, 2006

Oregon Ohio, 43616

I called Orkin knowing that my family has used them in the past & they did really good. I called them on 10/12/06 & talked to a man & asked if they can do apts, I explained to him that my landlord does not do spraying & that I have spiders. he said that they do take care of apt’s & that it is a 1yr agreement & that it will be for the first appointment 99.00 & in a mo. they will come back for some more treatment & it will be 70.00 & after that it will be 70.00 every other month. I really liked that idea so I let him go told him I’ll think about it & call him back. This next day 10-13-06 I called back & wanted to set up a time for them to come out. I talked to a girl this time & I told her what the man told me & she said that they do not do apartments because there is not a good guarantee. I told her that then why would I have talked to a man there & he said that they did, she asked who I talked to, & well I did ask for a name because well I thought I was calling the Toledo office but actually you are talking to a call center to they were not able to find out who it was. But she talked to her manager & her manager said that they can do it as long as I know that it is possible that I may see some spiders at time. I ask that’s ok as long as I don’t have as many now. So she went ahead & set up a time for them to come out this Saturday 10-14-06 & told me that it will cost the same as what they man told me. After I got off the phone with her a man named Steve from the Toledo office called & said I was mis informed. That it is actually not a 1 yr contract because of the lease agreement in an apt. & it will cost me 150.00 & 70.00 for the rest of the time but I have to call them every 2 mo. I was mad because I was told twice 1 price & then this guy says something else. He said that he could not do anything, & told me dad that they girl was a new girl & should not be giving out pricing at all. Then my dad said that we are going to report you to BBB.

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