Sears - $769.00 dishwasher from Bosch, from Sears

Posted on Saturday, October 14th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 33750a50

Product: Bosch dishwasher

Company: Sears

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$769.00 dishwasher from Bosch, from Sears

October 13, 2006

location residential,, the complaint is, i bought this $769.00 dishwasher from Bosch, from Sears, it's excellent,,,,,,just wonderful,,,,,, doesnt dry any of the dishes at all..... it was purchased in Dec of 05, the Sears rep was here to look at it, told my husband there was nothing wrong with it, did everything the sears people said to do, jet dry adjustments, jet dry solution, hootttter water,,now you can cook a goose under the tap.... the Bosch people sent a rep. nothing wrong. works perfect. blah. blah.blah. anyway, the prob is & always has been from day (1), the d thing doesnt ((((((( DRY THE DISHES AT ALL)))))))).theres no ((heating element to dry the dishes. the dishes arent a little wet of condensation, they are A LOT SOAKED FROM THE HOT WATER THAT DOESNT DRY OR EVAPORATE AT ANY CYCLE, AT ANY TEMP. AT ANY TIME!!!!!!!!!!)))) I WAS ONTHE PHONE WITH ONE OF THE LITTLE SALES REPS FROM BOSCH, she reall let me have it all, said i wasnt the kind of person to operate a dishwasher, i've only had them for the last 40 years!!!!!, she was exceptionally RUDE, OBNOXIOUS, NOT TO SAY (((SMART MOUTHED)) anyway, i just want the dishwasher to dry the dishes, .... not much to ask for, i've been batteling this since dec.05 HELP!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT CAN I DO. I TOLD THEM TO TAKE IT BACK, I WANTED MY MONEY BACK, NO THAT DOESNT WORK FOR THEM AT THIS TIME , WELL, THEN JUST WHAT DOES??????????? HELP PATRICIA


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096fcfda, 2008-07-21, 01:45PM CDT

I TOTALLY agree 100% with you! Who on earth does NOT want their dishes DRY???

I'm in the process of trying to exchange my brand new Bosch DW for a normal one that actualy dries. I'm treated by the salesman at the dealer as though it's something I'm doing wrong, (I've tried everything under the sun) ... or that my husband may have installed it incorrectly. (My husband is not a moron! He's an Industrial Electrician!!!) Now I'm playing their game, and waiting for their service department to come out tomorrow to make sure we're doing everything right. After just reading many complaints about this DW, I'm just SICK that I spent $758.00 for this piece of junk! I'm dreading the poor service I feel I'm about to encounter. I'm still trying to be nice at this point, but am steaming mad inside! The salesman said he DID explain that it was a DRIP DRY DW. He must have used another term and did not elaborate, or I would NEVER have opted to purchase it. He had me scared to death of buying a less expensive normal type DW, which like you I've had great success with for the past 30 years! I was simply trying to replace my 20 year old Kenmore with a similar type, nothing fancy. I'm a simple woman to please. All I ever need is an 'on/off' switch. One cycle would even be sufficient, as long as it washes and DRIES!!!! DUH!!!! My husband went back the day we bought it, and a different salesman gave him the same sales pitch on the more expensive model we actually bought, and my husband didnt hear anything about drip dry either! We think that is a very MAJOR pice of information that should be explained in detail when trying to sell this item. But obviously, they are taught to brush over that little detail briefly so the customer does not catch on! We are just really angry over the deception!

a77a2ed6, 2008-09-03, 12:14PM CDT


6ff19d6c, 2008-12-31, 09:01AM CST

I have a Bosch Evolution, and knew from the beginning it used "condensation drying" which they claim the "cool" stainless interior somehow condenses moisture from the hot dishes. I knew that was a load of poop, because the interior stainless is every bit as hot to the touch as the dishes, so that is impossible. So I agree that is a cheesy aspect, and it is dishonest for them to try to gloss over this aspect with potential customers with calling it "condensation drying" as if something other than drip-dry or steam-dry were at work. However, I love my Bosch Evolution, and here is why:

I bought it after careful research that told me that many other brands which people used to be able to trust are now seriously sub-par, with issues like catching fire, leaking all over the floor, sounding like a lawnmower, and breaking down (sometimes repeatedly!) in the first year! So because this Bosch had excellent reliability, was quiet and energy efficient, and the only thing people complained of was the "drip dry" nature of it, (and some complained whereas others said it did indeed get dishes dry, so I think it has to do with your local air humidity)... I went ahead and bought the SHE43F02UC/50 model, and have been thrilled with it. My dishes do get dry... except the concavity on the bottoms of cups, but with my old cheapie dishwasher that dried dishes with an electrical element like the one in my oven, those parts were usually still wet too. At least with this one, I can wash plastic anywhere and nothing ever gets melted.

The dishes mostly steam themselves dry due to the super-hot water temps in the rinse, and if it is a rainy day, I open it up and pull the racks out to steam dry more effectively, because ambient humidity does affect this.

This is how energy-efficient European dishwashers work: dishes steam dry. Also, I worried that I would have to constantly clean the filter because it has no food grinder (another plus I originally thought would be a minus. It's one less thing to be noisy and break down and somehow everything comes clean anyway!).

Kudos to Bosch on this one. The dishes come out clean every time with no pre-rinsing, it uses very little water and saves on electricity, and to top it all off, that pesky filter I thought I would be stooping down to clean daily? Somehow it works, and seems never to need cleaning. I am in awe. I have looked at the filter and really have no idea how it manages to work with no help from me.

So I LOVE my Bosch, but I got lucky with the model I guess, because two relatives who each also got one, got the other ones with the "bells and whistles" like in-line hidden controls, child lock, and end-of-cycle beep, and those are all causing problems with either being a pain to use, or malfunctioning. Those models also have plastic in the bottom of the tub, whereas mine is ALL stainless inside, and the ones with plastic offgas and give off a nasty smell, which mine does not.

So if anyone is shopping for a Bosch Evolution, I can recommend the SHE43F02UC / 50 one specifically. The top rack adjusts for different heights, it has a stemware rack that is collapsible, the racks are coated in nontoxic and durable nylon instead of toxic and less durable vinyl. And when it's running, it's quiet as a kitten purring. Best of all, *my* dishes get dry, come out sparkling, I NEVER pre-rinse, just scrape solids off, and I have never yet had to clean the filter, though I have taken it out a couple of times out of curiosity. Our electrical bill is also doing fine, because we aren't essentially using an oven element to cook our dishes dry each and every day. And if and when water becomes an issue, this one uses less than I do with the old dishtub, handwashing and rinsing.

So I agree with the thought that they should disclose that there is no drying element, but I also know that a lot of people find that the dishes do get dry, and that sometimes it depends on the weather. I went into it knowing all this, and was prepared to open it up and let the dishwasher racks function like my dishrack on the counter, and let the dishes air dry the same way, for the substantial energy savings over the life of the appliance.

Hope this helps anyone trying to make an informed purchase!

fe1c445f, 2009-07-20, 12:06PM CDT

Just came across this web page and JUST HAD to say: we purchased the Bosch dishwasher twenty-five years ago when we built a custom home and wanted to top of the line in everything we put in the house...well after three years we pulled out the Bosch and put it at the curb for pick-up by the trash collector. Never worked right. Will never buy another. We have a GE profile now, (six years old) and have never had a better dishwasher. Will get another when this bites the dust.

30f5a4f4, 2009-10-19, 08:13PM CDT

To the commentor who claims to have bought a Bosch diswhaser '25yrs ago':

That would be impossible since BSH didn't market their products in the USA until 1996. Also, condensate dry systems are the norm these days; better get used to it since the EPA mandates these new efficiency levels.

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