Kenmore HE4t Dryer Purchased 11/15/2006 Dear Mr. Lewis, - Kenmore HE3t Washing Machine and Kenmore HE4t Dryer Electronic Control boards

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Company: Kenmore HE4t Dryer Purchased 11/15/2006 Dear Mr. Lewis,

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Kenmore HE3t Washing Machine and Kenmore HE4t Dryer Electronic Control boards

October 12, 2006

Both my new Kenmore HE3t Washing Machine and Kenmore HE4t Dryer Electronic Control boards went. The cost if not under warranty would have been $ 595 parts & labor for the Dryer and about the same for the Washer. With units costing in the range of $900-1200 I was told as a remedy to purchase an extended warranty for 3 years costing another $300 for each unit. At this point I’m forced to purchase the extended warranty in order to cut my losses. What a shame! I owned Maytag Washer and Dryer knob style controls for 15 years. The only reason we upgraded was for looks. What a mistake!!! The only restitution I have is to get this info out to all before purchasing SEARS/KENMORE PRODUCTS. Read below my letters sent to Sears Holdings/CEO Alywn Lewis and no response as of yet from anyone @ Sears. NEVER BUY SEARS?KENMORE STEVEN & SANDRA Armonk, New York 10504 Aylwin Lewis Sears Holdings Corporation

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Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 August 21, 2006 Re: Kenmore HE4t Dryer Purchased 11/15/2006 Dear Mr. Lewis, I have been a faithful customer indoctrinate into the Sears Family since my Dad would only purchase tools and such because of the commitment made by your company into quality and service. I can remember as a small boy in the late 50’s my Dad returning a used grease ridden Craftsman crescent wrench and walking out with a brand new replacement and to quote my now past on Dad “Got to Go to Sears”. To bad he couldn’t have coined the phrase that he beat out Modell’s on that one. Enough of this but as you can see from my timeline below I haven’t had the same experience with my dryer repair. Sat. 8/12 /2006 Contacted Sears Service Unit control panel would not turn on unit The earliest possible service appointment would be avail was Wed Aug 22nd, which is 10 days from the initial service request. Mon 8/14 Contacted service and they confirmed that appoint. Which I felt was unreasonable. Mon 8/14 Contacted Sears Service and requested the main Sears Holding telephone # 847-286-2500 and requested assistance and I was put through to the ONE SOURCE DEPT. 800 479-5899 and was given a WED 8/16 appointment. Wed 8/16 Serviceman came and diagnosis two parts were required # 8546219 & # 280100. Which he ordered but failed to tell me that they would not be avail for install till Wed 8/22. Wed. 8/16 I contacted parts and both parts were in stock an could be shipped from Mobile, Alabama Wed 8/16 I contacted Sears ONE SOURCE and informed them of my success in and Judson expedited shipment to arrive Friday 8/18 and install on Monday 8/21. Thursday 8/17 part # 8546219 was delivered. One of the two parts expected. Friday 8/18 Awaiting Delivery of part # 280100. No delivery was made and no contact was made by ONE SOURCE Dept. Friday 8/18 5pm I contacted ONE SOURCE and spoke with Mabel who informed me that the part seemed to be on back order till Friday 9/1. At that point she extended me the following:


3adffd13, 2007-10-30, 11:34AM CDT

I have to tell you I have the same washing machine. I paid $1389 for it. It started making noises and I called Sears in to look at it. Needless to say - 5 visits later and $1600 in parts so far it still has not been fixed. They have a LEMON on their hands and won't acknowledge it and won't replace the unit no matter what you do. I had an AMANA before this 12 years before I had to open it to service it once. What a shame! DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS!

f8923463, 2009-10-22, 12:27AM CDT

We are faced with the exact same problem. The support from Sears for a lemon is inexcusable. I am involved in a class action suit for this very issue. I will never buy a sears until again.

I feel as if I have been raped.

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