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Posted on Thursday, October 12th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 39de34ad

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American Airlines Vacations

October 11, 2006

I booked a package deal for 4 days to Puerto Rico at a 4-star hotel. After I booked, I received a

confirmation email that stated nothing at all specifically to be warned about the hotel. My boyfriend happened to be checking out the hotel where we were staying (on the hotel's website) and noticed that, under the "Kiddie" section, it stated that the pool was under construction until the day we were to return home. So I contacted American Airlines Vacations and asked them about this and basically they said - too bad for me and that if I wanted another hotel, even a lesser hotel, I would have to pay more money. Their argument was that, because there is something on their website (you have to separately link to it and you can book, as I did, without having read this information or being warned about this issue) telling us (in small print of course) that the pool was not in service. My confirmation email did not even include the information, although the woman seemed to think it would. I forwarded it back to her, just so she would know. Regardless, I will be forced to shell out over $330 for an equivalent-starred hotel, despite the fact that (as a lawyer) I KNOW that I could get out of this "contract" because it is in fact NOT a valid contract as they did not amply disclose this material fact and did not give me a waiver period in which to check my "contract". AND even when I asked to use my $1000 credit toward a package to another place, they informed me that they would have to charge a cancellation fee for the flights. Three layers of managers and none would work with me. The only nice one was the lowest-level customer service individual.

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