14/38 zero turn lawn mower TORO

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Company: 14/38 zero turn lawn mower TORO

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14/38 zero turn lawn mower TORO

October 10, 2006

I am 70 yrs old and bought a Zero Turn Toro in Feb. of 2003. 1st. thing that happened was the 14 hp engine would not start or run right. TORO decided to replace the 14hp engine the 18.5 hp engine. The company I bought it new from did the replacement.I was told that the new engine did not have a new

garenutee but was considered as old as the mower. That season I had the mower service at Kryders in Elkhart IN I was told it had a knock in the engine and that when the oil was changed water was found in the oil. I have no way of knowing how would get in to the machine. They said when I washed it ,it came in through the carberator, or the oil filler tube. The second time I had it serviced by the same co. Kryder they said that the knocking was worse and would soon cause the engine to fail. I contacted TORO AND BRIGGS and STRATTON and they would not help saying" it was somthing I did and they were not responsiable. The service store did get them to send a short block that I paid the freight for and in excess of $ 350.00 to have installed. The engine is hard to start and blows carbon and gas when it does start. I was told" I got to much oil in it" not true. SO if any one can tell me how WATER would stay in the hot oil (water will steam st 200 degrees) so would vaporize. If it was sucked in to the engine through the fuell system the engine would quite running. Itried everytnig to get the whole repair paid by TORO OR BRIGGS. I did get the engine that was holding oil. But tell me why TORO could not find a 14 hp to replace the orignal Seems to me funny that the one in my machine was the last one made. Also how dumb does TORO think people are that they can concock a phoney story. The whols thing cost me nearly $1000.00 Plus the purchase price of $3000.00 + I paid cash for all. I will never buy a TORO anything nor will I ever encourge any one to buy from these people. Customer service at bith TORO AND BRIGGS is at the very best non plus. The two are money seeking and non service orentied. I would trust them or their products again ever.


Elkhart IN 46514 574-262-9sss

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32a09518, 2008-09-22, 06:59AM CDT

Riding lawnmowers are all manufactored to last many years with proper maintance. The manufactor makes the machine, and has a dealer sell the machine, and hopefully a comsumer will purchase the machine. There is a owners manual for the mower and one for the engine. The owner of the mower is expected to read and follow the requirements stated in the manual.

When the mower is purchased, the unit works properly and is under the control of the owner. When comsumers come to the manufactor and wants to know how something happened is hard for them to answer. The owner has had complete control of the mower so the owner should know whats been done while in control. Did the owner use a high pressure wash unit, was it left out in the rain, was the maintance properly preformed (oil changes-air filter changed, fuel filter changed as prescribed).

When a complaint comes in, the manufactor will try to understand the problem, the cause of the problem, and correct the problem. That was done in the case(new engine). It sounds like the dealer the unit was taken to did their job by advising the owner there was a problem. To find fault with a new dealer that found a problem is like shooting the messenger.

The problem sound like owner and ,manufactor not communicating with open minds. There were other zero turns that had the same repairs without any further problems. Try and talk to them.

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