2000 Saturn SL

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2000 Saturn SL

October 10, 2006

I am writing this complaint to anyone who is considering purchasing a 2000 Saturn SL. I had purchased the 2000 Saturn in 2003 as a used vehicle from my local Saturn dealership (which just happens to have gone out of business) with mileage of 32,521;average mileage for this year. The car was driven another 37,200. The car had one owner and all maintenance checks performed by the dealer indicated a vehicle that was in good working order. This past Friday, while driving the car, the reverse on the transmission failed to operate. Forward and neutral still operated. When I brought the Saturn to the AAMCO transmission specialist, I was told there was internal damage which would total $1950.00 to take care of. I was obviously in shock. I immediately called the Corporate Saturn offices to discuss this issue with them. They too were surprised by the diagnosis. They set up an appointment with a local Saturn dealership to hook up the vehicle to the diagnostics testing available to Saturn. When Saturn completed their diagnostics, their evaluation and cost to fix the problem was not that much different from my first estimate at the transmission shop. Saturn came in with a quote of $1290.00to repair the damage. This was only what they could determine from the first initial look. The service technician admitted that it could be a few hundred dollars more once they got into the repairs. My reason for writing this is the disappointment and utter disgust I have in the General Motors car manufacturer. I had not owned an American car in over 15 years, but due to the circumstances at the time, I purchased the Saturn believing that I was buying a reputable car from a reputable car manufacturer. Much to my dismay and surprise, it has turned out to be the worst decision I made. I have driven foreign cars up to mileages in the range of 95,000 to 100,000 plus, and NEVER have I been faced with the dilemma that I would need to rebuild my transmission or any major repair for that matter. This situation only furthers my belief that the American car manufacturers still have a long way to go before they can compete for the American consumer's dollars. It is a very sad thing that after 70,000 miles any car would need to have a transmission rebuilt! Anyone considering purchasing a new or used Saturn should do their homework very carefully and not be persuaded by the slick advertisements and dealer incentives to purchase these vehicles. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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