Casio, G shock / battery replacement

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Company: Casio, G shock / battery replacement

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Casio, G shock / battery replacement

October 1, 2006

I was a big fan of G shock and all of their products for many years now.

a few years ago I bought a Mudman "Gaussman AW-570" Analog with the Titanium back plate. i bought the watch at "The G Shock Store" in Manhattan, New York.

I only ever wore G shock watches, the greatest watches ever made, until you send them in!

Recently, I called their Dover, New Jersey location 6/28/06 to have the battery replace in the Gaussman, I asked if the letters on the case could be brightened and maybe the band replaced. The watch only had very little superficial ware, but I loved it, so I wanted it to be perfect. that watch had been all over the world with me always 100% reliable!

The operator said sure send 37.00 dollars , good price reasonable, no problem.

A few weeks later "Dover Casio" sent me a new watch and it was not even a "Mudman Guassman" nor was it Analog. I sent a 350.00 dollar watch and was sent a 50.00 dollar watch I can't wear!

I called and complained and was told "to bad, your watch is gone", I called two, three more times each time the operator didn't know what i was talking about! Finally an operator told me that the "management" had decided I could pick a new watch out, I could only spent up to 225.00 dollars on a new watch. I said my watch was 350.00! Casio New Jersey said take it or leave it. Their were no Mudman for sale in America any more, and the only Anti magnetic watches were under 80.00 dollars and crappy.

I called back two, three more times each time the operator new nothing, I gave them the work number they had on the invoice Finally an operator said we found your watch just send us the watch we sent you and we will replace the battery and band in your Guassman , I was very much relieved. I sent the other watch back and waited 1 month 2 months finally 9/18 /07 I called to complain, what was taking so long.

I was treated very rudely by a "Chuck" I told him 3 months was long enough and I was a little up set he only got ruder and louder. I told him I thought that he was very incompetent, and what was the problem . He said my watch was lost once more and i should call again.

I called the next day, by chance "Chuck" answered again and yelled at me, " you just called yesterday what do you expect !" " Competency I exclaimed!"

Chuck one of the operators really got mad yelling etc, then I received my "Guassman" G shock back 9/23/07 .

Well man it was destroyed the band cut the case looks like it has been threw a grinder and nothing was done, nor was my money refunded the 37.00 dollars for repairs that were never done. I have tried to call and talk to Managers the president in New Jersey location. No one has returned my calls and I have been treated like shit and my property destroyed by Casio's New Jersey incompetent unprofessional employees.

I really don't think I'm being unreasonable, what do you think?

Now i find out that their is a club for "Mudman Guassman" watches people all over the world, and that my 350.00 dollar watch is a collectors item worth maybe 500.00 dollar if it were in (good condition)!!

I really don't think I'm being unreasonable, I have been treated horribly.

What next?


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0023049a, 2009-07-30, 12:12AM CDT

Thanks for the warning, Tommy!!

Didn't think it could happen here...

I think they owe you BIG!!

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