Harvest Farms Tomato Trees

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Company: Harvest Farms Tomato Trees

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Harvest Farms Tomato Trees

May 13, 2006

June 20, 2006 - Consumer Follow-up Message:

Further update: Check arrived today for $1l.99 - Harvest Farms, Inc. 150 Melrose St, Abingdon, Va 24210 on the upper left of check. Return envelope stamped with Blue Mountain Catalog, Inc 25267 Lee Highway, Abingdon, VA 24211. Some more research on the internet 'Yellow Pages' got me a phone number of 276-628-8903 for Blue Mountain Catalog.

You call, they tell you they are merely a processing facility. Trees come out of Michigan and California.

The lady that writes the check is out. They'll send the other $7.00....."Have a good day."

Thank you - maybe I'll start a 'processing facility' on this computer - seems to be money in it. At least the phone company is making money off of me pursuing this....

June 6, 2006 - Consumer Follow-up Message:

Update: Received dead, ill packaged plants, June 1st. Packaging had no return label. Home Gardening Club phone lines stay tied up and e-mails idle. By researching every detail on the box - calling the container manufacturer, etc = routed it back to Gardeners Choice (Home Gardening Club)/ Harvest Farms in Hartford, MI - (276) 628-8903. They will mail a refund.

Thank you - Please take my name/e-mail off the public view. (Bulk/spam over floweth!)

May 13, 2006 - Consumer Message:

Mailed Harvest Farms a check for $18.99, dated 02/10/06. Cashed on 02/27/06. Still waiting for three tomato trees. Bought only two regular plants in April - left room for those trees - regular plants now producing bumper crop..... So Harvest Farms reaped my money - I have empty spaces in the garden.

Got the order coupon from the Home Gardening Club. They are another spidery web.

Thank you for any illumination into Harvest Farms shady acres,


Sealy, TX


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073a77d0, 2008-05-03, 01:15PM CDT

Ordered my tomatoe trees in Febuary finally recieved them the last of April.

The plants were yellow and limp....think that means the same as dead. Very disappointed in them. Packages poorly with no return address or phone number to contact them at.

e40320c3, 2008-05-09, 08:00PM CDT

I ordered three tomato trees, ad found in the old farmers 2008 almanac page 49, never have recieved my order from Harvest Farms in Abingdon, VA. 24212

0340bddf, 2008-09-28, 02:04PM CDT

This ad was in the 2008 Old Farmer's Almanac. I ordered two sets of the deluxe (3 trees & shipping) as gifts. I found out my sister had bought a new house so I phoned Yankee Publishing to find out how to reroute her gift order (knowing live plants can die instantly in this climate). I was given the number for Mike (561-350-7125) and email ([email protected]). Was he ever rude! I guess he thought I was a complainer when all I called about was to change an address. When he made comments defensively and rudely to me about how his ad is worded, I did a bit of research. What followed after that was unreal. How did a business that got shut down then proceed to operate via mail order a thru a post office box that is being forwarded to another state? Consumers are really vulnerable. I got a couple of refund checks back in May that didn't include shipping so I waited for the shipping. Recently I cashed checks only to have them returned because their account had been closed. A couple of weeks ago this happened. I just got a replacement check - FINALLY and it does include my shipping. From February 14th, 2008 until a few days ago I just gave away $37.98. Of course I still do not have my money until their check clears the bank. So much for the gifts. This company is now Harvest Farms Catalog Inc. of 125 Kimberly Street, Bristol Tennessee 37620, telephone 423-968-2511. Wow, how can people like this run such a scam? If only Yankee Publishing had verified them I wouldn't be involved. The sheriff's department in Virginia said there were literally thousands of people complaining over the years. Now they simply moved over the state line to begin business anew with a new address in a new neighborhood with a slight change to their business name from Harvest Farms Inc. to Harvest Farms Catalog Inc. I know LLBeans beginnings were not perfect (the boots didn't hold up) and the product was reworked. Look at their success today. I proudly do business with them because of their reputation but also largely because they are nice, courteous business people. In this Harvest Farms situation I did nothing wrong except order something from a company I knew nothing about. Reading your comments from 2006 I am lucky. I photocopied my order page that included shipping and mailing addresses. I knew enough to contact Yankee Publishing. They have been wonderful and even sent calendars to make up for this sham. I gave the calendars in June for January birthdays. My dad and sister were so busy reading the sayings on the calendars that they forgot the drama of their tomato trees. Amazing how it didn't even matter that the calendars were late. I am lucky I dealt with Yankee Publishing instead of other publications I understand who printed their ad. I keep remembering the comment from sheriff's department in Virginia that said shop thru reputable companies you know. They were amazed that this ordeal is ongoing since they thought they'd resolved it back in 2006. It'll be good to get my money back and plan the gifts for this year. What about calendars from Yankee Publishing?

Vivian B., 2015-08-18, 09:52AM CDT

I love tomatoes and the crop I tried to grow did miserably this year. I was working a crossword puzzle [Blue Ribbon]one night. When I turned to the back I saw the ad for all these tomatoes. I was going to send for them but wanted to call first. I thought it strange that there was no phone number. Today, August 18,2015, I decided to Google the company for some information and saw all these complaints. Whew! I don't have money to throw away either. Sorry to hear about all the others who trusted these people.

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