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Virgin Mobile

March 9, 2006

Washington State

Ordered a phone on-line with the intent to activate pay-as-you-go once received.

On-line order form does not inform consumers that a signature is required for delivery.

Once I found this out, and because the address I had it delivered to was my home I knew no one would ever be available I tried to re-route the delivery. Fed-Ex informed me the seller was only authorized to change that information. Upon calling VM's customer service I experienced not only some of the worst customer service but some of the most uneducated. I explained that I wanted to cancel because if this was indicative of how their customer service would be going forward I didn't want to deal with it. The response to that was to stop using "foul" language. Poor CS rep didn't know what Indic - a - tive meant and thought I was using a bad word. The phone was returned and received by VM. That was a month ago and I still have not received my refund.

After 5 calls and multiple emails I finally spoke to Sr. WA Call Center Supervisor Jane Pederson. This was the excellent customer service response: Day 18 after VM received their phone: I will refund that $$ for you today

Day 20, call to Jane when $$ still not refunded. Her response "a glitch in the system". No other explanation or resolution offered. Asked to have her manager call me. She said WA Call Center Assistant Operations Manager, Pete Frederickson would call me that day. Day 27. No call from anyone. Called Jane back. Her response, "I told him to call". Again, no other excuse, explanation or offered resolution. Asked to have Pete's manager call me. She said she would ask Ryan Holder, WA Call Center Operations Manager call me. I'm not holding my breathe. Teresa

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