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March 9, 2006


Last month my paycheck was 3 days late, and since I have had my hours at work cut due to medical problems, I don't have much income.

However, I had no idea my account was so low in funds, the 2 weeks and 3 days I went without a check would cause my account to drop into the negative. This was 1/19/06.

When I found out, I went to the bank immediately and made a deposit. The deposit was made:(1/23/06).

I was charged $32.00 and a service fee of $10.00.

That was just terrible, but I figured my problem... nothing I can do about it.

Yesterday I went onto my on line banking to find the bank, a month later has charged another $10.00 service fee!

I sent an email and they directed me to call a service center.

Today I called the service center and was advised that since the insufficient fund problem fell into 2 statement pe! riods, they charged me again and that's just too bad for me.

I really don't believe this. That must be the most ridicules thing I have ever heard.

What a scam this is.... The bank has figured a way to take money from customers and make up some ridiculous rule to make it legal.

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