2002 Honda Accord LX

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Company: 2002 Honda Accord LX

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2002 Honda Accord LX

March 8, 2006

American Honda Corp. I purchased a new 2002 Honda Accord LX for my wife in May 2002. In January, 2006, after 62,000 miles, the automatic transmission in the 4-cylinder vehicle began to have severe shifting problems. I had changed the fluid with Honda transmission fluid once during the 62,000 miles of use. I contacted American Honda to inquire if there were any extended warranties on the vehicle. There were none. I contacted a local Honda service department to ask how they would address the problem. They said they would install a re-manufactured transmission for $3000. I had the transmission overhauled by a company that had been in business since 1979 and had repaired many Honda transmissions. Their diagnosis was that the torque converter liner breaks down, contaminates the fluid and prevents it from flowing to the gears, thus causing damage over time. Their charge was $1400 with a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty. $960 was for labor. This is the first Honda vehicle I have ever owned in over 30 years of owning vehicles and the first vehicle I have ever had transmission problems with. American Honda denied my request for financial assistance. Doug

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