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Company: Internet Telephone Service Provider - ITP

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Internet Telephone Service Provider - ITP

March 8, 2006

To Whom It may Concern:

I opened a Calling Card account with Calling in June 2005. A few months later Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITP) took over calling so now my calling card account was being serviced by ITP. From the time I open the account I had problems with this calling card account. For example I would make calls to Jamaica and the call would not go through but minutes were being subtracted from my account. I had to call customer service almost weekly to complain about this. Customer service was always nice and would credits the minutes back to my account.

My account was set up to automatically replenish $25.00 when I reached a zero balance, or I could replenish the account my self once my balance went below $10.00. Around January 20, 2006 I replenish my calling card account with $25.00 this then gave me an active balance of $31.35. Then on January 27, 2006 ITP charged me another $25.00, which now made my account balance $56.35. On February 03, 2006 I immediately called customer service and asked why was I being charged $25.00 the customer service person (Adam-calling card department supervisor) explain to me that it was because my account had a zero balance and the $25.00 was an automatic charge. I then explained how I had just replenished my account approximately a week earlier, and asked that my account be closed. Adam checked the details in my account and saw that I should not have been charged the additional $25.00 and immediately processed a refund for $25.00. However I'm stilled owed the balance of my account which is $31.35.

On February 06, 2006 I called customer service again and Adam explained that I should receive my refund in two business days. I check my account three days later still no refund. I called back on February 09, 2006 and spoke with Crystal in the billing department who assured me that I should have my $31.35 refund by February 14, 2006.......STILL NO REFUND! I called back to ITP customer service on February 23, 2006 and again was promised a refund of $31.35.......again, NO REFUND! I called back on March 03, 2006 and was disconnected five times on my sixth call I spoke with Claudette who apologized and assured me that she would make sure my refund is processed. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told "we don't have a supervisor available". I then asked for a manager or director, again I was told "they are not available either". I then verified with Claudette that no one with any authority was available, she replied "No, they have all gone home for the day". This really concerned me because no one in management was available for any emergency. Claudette then transferred me to a Sean Hamilton who assured me that he would process my request, have some one return my call and follow it up with an e-mail to management. Per Sean Hamilton I should receive a call by 10:00 AM Monday morning March 06, 2006......NO PHONE CALL OR REFUND!

On March 06, 2006 at 10:15 AM CST I called back to customer service and was disconnected three times. I called back spoke with Greg and asked for a supervisor. Per Greg "no supervisor available, nor is anyone available in billing". I have come to the conclusion this company is a shame!

I would like my refund of $31.35!

Company Information:

Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITP

1407 Broadway # 2511

Ny, NY. 10018


888-487-1110-Toll Free



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77c15da6, 2008-01-21, 02:27PM CST

To anyone who has the same or similar complaint:

While I doubt that I will have a refund of my card balance, there is vindication to be had! This same company told me that it could not close down my account and gave me the same kind of run-'round. Further, the only way to "close" account is to use all the minutes. Only until those minutes are used "will" the monthly service charge be dropped.


Hence, they can keep the few bucks that they truly owe me for services not rendered and pay the credit card company $200.00 for their unethical practices! VINDICATION IS SWEET!

a27dbe8e, 2008-05-12, 09:06PM CDT

Hie there Angela,

I am not happy with this company myself.

I had a VOIP account was double billed for $76.50 in April 2008, got the run-around when I contacted them to rectify this. They even suggested I contact my bank to fix this. Of course the bank promptly recovered my $$. My account was suspended as I was said to be owing them my recoved $$. I have promptly closed the account but was forced to pay the bank charges of around $25 to recoup my $$ when I was double billed, before I could close the account. All you consumers out there be warned, when dealing with this company. I am working with my local consumer advocate as I should not be punished for ITP's mistakes.

6b570e52, 2009-01-22, 12:32PM CST

I was getting over charged over and over again. after trying calling and emailing several times and not getting any results I called my credit card company and disputed the charges and canceled the account in October.

I returned the equipment using a shipping label the company it self provided yet I was charged for the not returning the equipment. And yet again, after trying calling and emailing several times and not getting any results I called my credit card company (once again) and disputed the new charges.

Now they charged me again !!! - after I canceled all ties with the company. And I fund out that they added every dispute + a hefty fine.

8b61eca4, 2012-09-19, 12:07PM CDT

This P.O.S company provides useless ghetto drop-outs as a first line of defense for resolution of their inferior service. These reprobate whores will disconnect your service calls, leave you on hold...connect you to voice-mail...they are absolutely useless. They seem to believe that repeatedly demanding your customer information is somehow tantamount to providing service.

If I had to guess - it would be that this asswipe has so many former customers and complainants trying to get through that they have to screen their calls all day long - hence the vermin that answer the phones.

There is only one "technician" - it's the owner - David King. Comes across as a perfect self righteous A-Hole, and has more bugs in his programming than a ton of fresh earth. All the positive reviews on this company were provided by paid sites that offer the service - actual users have ( and will no doubt continue ) to receive horrible customer service and buggy product at best. If you complain too loudly - they simply cancel your account. It's easier than delivering the service that they promised in the first place.

Don't let King's replies and rebuttals sway you - he knows how to play the victim card.

It's your money.

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