DISH Network Rip off

Posted on Thursday, March 9th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by 6dbb0f73

Company: DISH Network Rip off

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DISH Network Rip off

March 8, 2006

I just wish I'd read all these complaints BEFORE signing up!!!

We had DISH Network installed on Jan. 11, 2006. The system was not installed properly and a different service guy came out on Jan. 23 to get it up and running. Although I was told the installation fee was waived under the special promotion I'd responded to, a $49.99 charge appeared on the credit card I'd let them have the number of. When I received my first bill, I was totally bewildered by the numerous charges. There were charges for each receiver, charges for the DVR, charges for Cinemax and HBO and Showtime, charges for High Definition. All these were advertised as FREE under the promotion. Along with that we were charged $29.99 for the 2nd service call. We spent hours on the phone trying to understand how they could rationalize doing this. We are an elderly couple and the charges we are being billed are not even close to what we were quoted. How do companies like this avoid lawsuits? We have not paid them anything other than the 49.99 taken from our credit card. I closed the credit card so no further charges could be incurred. I have been told by them that we will hve to pay $240 to have the equipment removed and get out of our contract. As far as I am concerned, they did not keep up their end of the contract,- the part that says FREE COMPLETE 4 room system; FREE Dual DVR; FREE CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, and HBO and High Definition TV (for three months) One thing I'm sure of is that We want nothing to do with this company! Their customer service representatives are rude and do not care about whether or not you are being charged for something in error. If this is how they treat a brand new customer, I can only (shudder) imagine how they will treat me after I've been there awhile!

Aren't there Consumer Protection Agencies that will assist in standing up to these guys? Take my advice and give this company (the go under Echostar and Starwest Satellite also) a very wide detour!

Thanks for listening..


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d3867069, 2008-05-10, 09:07AM CDT

I'm blind, but like more programs, news, etc. and told this company exactly what my situation was ... and that I would not permit anyone to track my 'viewing' habits in my own home. They assurred me they "are the only company that does not do that..." Well, after billing problems such as you indicated, too, last week when a storm interrupted our electicity and phones, I discovered a phone line attached to this Dish Network. I called an engineer to find out what on earth was going on, and he, and the phone company both told me it's Dish Network's - they have to have that to moniter what their consumers are watching. I'd have to be stupid to permit this invasion into my privacy, worse, they should be paying me, not vice versa.

I'm calling the Better Business Bureau. This company is taking advantage of the elderly, and handicapped, and they know it... I'm both.

32dd138c, 2008-08-23, 04:34PM CDT

I also have had nothing but trouble with dish network. I have had their service at one of my houses for 9 months and it never has worked properly. After missing most of the Olympics I have finally had enough and called this lame company. I was not surprised to find that their customer service is truly as bad as their cable service. I'm going back to direct tv they are not perfect but they are light years ahead of dish.

fb4d2ee7, 2009-02-03, 10:14PM CST

What the guy is not noticing because he does not know how to read his bill is that on the bottom there is credits for all his free stuff learn how to read ur bill

e6cd0fc8, 2009-09-27, 07:46AM CDT

Dish Network TV just extorted more money from me. My bill was paid to October 10, 2009. I hired Dish Network directly in 2008 to set up my house, 3 cabins and a clubhouse on the same property. Dish Network did everything.

My bill has never been late and my service was interrupted until I complied with Ecostar Purchasing's demand for more than double what I was paying. They wanted me to pay for 10 receivers when I only had 5. When I wanted to buy 5 more receivers and offer dish to RV customers that had their own account. Ecostar Purchasing said we withdraw the offer of bulk service. I am setting up 5 separate accounts, which raised my rate from $116.67 per month to over $317.00 per month. All this was being done while my service had been turned off. I call this "Extortion."

Should be illegal if my service was paid to October 10th. There should be a law against this kind of tactic.

b99a02cf, 2009-11-18, 09:07PM CST

dishnetwork ripped me off badly. i was told when i fist sign up i will be getting first customer prices every 6 months until my contract is over and today i got my bill, and they charged me reg, price which i got a good deal with the opperater. They are soooo unorganized and they did not even have the copy of the contract on there computer and anything. So what i am trying to say is DONT EVER GET DISH NETWORK... THEY ALL TRY TO TRICK PPL AROUND. THEY ALL ARE FULL OF SHIT.

a7064978, 2012-03-12, 09:02AM CDT

Last month several programs given in the basic package I have has been taken away. If I had known the problems I was going to have with Dish I would not have gotten involved with them. To begin with they came out and informed us it was not possible to get the service, because of the trees around my home. Then we were given a tip, that a man that was not working for Dish from another area. This man came out to check everything out. Because he had all the dish equipment to work with, I'm assumeing he was some sort of subcontracter. He was able to get a signal. Now what does that tell you about the men that work for the dish agency in the Littleton/Berlin area. My opinion is that hey must be very inadequate, or very lazy? Now this man did everything, to getting the stations to come in and signing us up as a new coustomer. A week later when we had a minor problem with some settings we did'nt understand we called our local dish net work in our area. We were given over to the workers that set things up. Wow were they rude! Their answer was "Why are you calling us? Did'nt we tell you, you couldn't get a signal in your area!" Our answer was "well this has nothing to do with the signal and we are getting a signal. Another person outside of your agency had no problem" His answer was "then go call him" and he hung up. Their network was getting the long term business from us. So one might think they would be happy that this person got us signed up to their network. But all we got back was a very rude spiteful attitude.

Dish Net work sets you up with programs, and then after a few months they take them away. Last year after taking away a few channels, they added in 4 movie programs. Then last month they were all deducted. So you never know what crap they are going to pull on you. You cannot depend on them to give you reliable decent service. I will certainly be looking for another provider.

7ed84c98, 2013-03-13, 09:31PM CDT

What a rip off. I had Dish installed in my home April 2011. Was told it was a year contract, while it was really a 2 year contract.

And I noticed tonight that the Dish "Perks" or free channels for a month, well I wasn't getting them. I was told by a Dish Rep that they were in HD and my receiver wasn't HD. However when I had it installed I was told HD was Free, and now for a one time fee of $95 I can get a new system that I can receive HD on. Doesn't sound like free to me. Our attorney general's office already has complaints about Dish Network. So my suggestion to them was to ban Dish network from operating in the state.

Gina O., 2014-07-01, 04:47PM CDT

Dish has took advantage of my disabilities for years and I went to direct tv then when I was going back to reorder they wanted me to pay in full after my two year contract was over so to get the cheaper new costumer rates and talked to Dish and explained that they stole hundreds of overcharges when I said I have a brain injury do not allow extra charges of any kind to my bill they said since I made that agreement no one could change my order; come to find out they let movies or so they say in my kids rooms they whole time even when no one was home? They took all the money in my account and turned my service off two months in advance. I contacted dish like I said and supposedly the upper management who apologized for my inconvenience but said if I pay the last two months for my prior unused contract; they were able to look in the computer up front so no additional charges would or could be charged, this new feature helps people like me lock in the rates so I would never be overcharged again. I told them I am on disability raising a special needs child and have two other young adults here with no income and the only way I'm able to have TV for us is using the small inheritance, but only would do so if they guarantied I would not be asked for anymore cash until my two year contract is up and I was going to destroy the card after this one time charge so they not be able to get more cash--ya, ya, ya, sure 7 seven whole months before the contract was up they stopped service. Costumer service is no help they just want money, and now they sent the return box since I won't pay after my first complaint via the internet my service was restored with a rolling 3 channels we never know which but the dollars keep rolling up and the harassing calls are endless--they don't seem to get I was honest when I told them the amount given up front was all I had. As much as they have stolen, I should get five extra years of service but the hassle and stress and heartache my cost has since steamed rolled over theirs. I've never hated anything except child molester now dish has upset me personally more. What a pip off company--watch out they will keep you in the dark and molest more than your pocketbook, they will rip at your spirit as they trick you out of your last dollar.

9aa098d7, 2014-09-01, 06:14PM CDT

I had Dih TV for 7 month.

It did not work.

Complains to the company were innored.

My experience is: The Billing Department is working over time.

The Service Department is closed or does not excist.

Now a legal company is sending me demand letters.

I paid for nothing.

I am retired and handicapped.

I could have used the money for food or medication.

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