Home Depot G.E. Water Heaters

Posted on Wednesday, March 8th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by 42368745

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Home Depot G.E. Water Heaters

March 7, 2006

Not knowing any better we purchased a G.E. 50 gallon water heater at Home Depot. One month out of warranty the pilot light would not stay lit. We called the hotline for G.E. and they told us a plumbing company to call. In the meantime this happened over the weekend and the plumber couldn't come out until Tuesday. We had 4 days of cold showers and cold water. The valve had to be replaced. I would not recommend this water heater as we were told by the plumber and others after our experience that it is one of the worst ones made and that we will have nothing but problems like everyone else who purchased this. We are so happy to hear this. I had a Sears Kenmore that lasted 15 years and never had any problems. Do your research before you get sucked into this lemon.

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85b272b6, 2007-11-20, 03:18PM CST

The water heaters sold at Home Depot are Made by Rheem Water heater.. They are the same water heater as if you'd gotten a Rheem from a plumber.. I've seen many plumber trash talk any plumbing fixtures sold at hardware stores, or home centers.

Just a GE sticker stuck on the tank.

f81a0ed9, 2008-03-19, 01:48PM CDT

I'm also having a problem with the GE Smartwater 40 gallon Water heater purchased from Home Depot. The water heater is leaking from the seal at the top of the unit. The Ge Hot Line is rude & is not honoring the 12 yr. warrenty on this under 3 year old heater! They are making me pay for the labor when in fact the paperwork states "Lifetime labor & parts" plus there is another note on the warrenty which states that the Full warrenty (Labor included) is covered for the first 3 years if Home Depot installed it which they did. No satification from Home depot or GE.

29448b06, 2008-10-20, 10:36AM CDT

We have this GE Profile Smart water heater under 9 year warranty purchased at Home Depot. After 2 years the hot water flow reduced to a trickle. Back to Home Depot. Their suggestion: 1-800-431-1549. GE explained that the manufacturer originally placed a plastic sleeve inside of the hot water outlet fitting in order to avoid the use of a sealer for the installer. Unfortunately the plastic could not withstand the heat and formed a sieve inside the fitting.

Now, after other two years I have the same problem. GE is sending me new fittings which I don't think is needed.

Is there anybody responsible for this? Is this not a manufacturing error?

According to GE labour is not included in the warranty.

81d5a0cc, 2008-12-09, 03:17PM CST

I wish I would have seen this post two months ago. I purchased and installed a 50 GAL. water heater from HD. Two months later and I barely get a 4 minute "warm" shower. I got more out of my 40 GAL.,12 year old heater that had a leak in it. I called the G.E. number and after 40 hours of being on hold and explaining my situation, they ended up saying that can't help. Fortunately when I went HD, they at least offered that if I brought in the old one, they would give me a new piece of crap heater. God Bless America!

0a50e055, 2009-01-05, 05:50PM CST

I also contacted G.E. Hotline about my 9 yr. warranty 40 gal. hot water heater that started leaking from the bottom. The GE rep told me that it would be replaced at no charge to me; arrived at Home Depot and they only wanted to provide me with a credit and also the news that the Smartwater Heater model #PG40t9A was no longer available. Also the credit would ONLY apply if I purchased the 9 yr. warranty item. The GE Rep was rude and told me that I would have to pay the difference because there was only an upgrade of the model I purchased available or he would not authorize a credit. What did I do? I had the plumber reinstall the H2O heater since it was a small leak from the bottom and have begun my research to find a reputable company who stands behind their WORD and PRODUCT. I will not purchase from Home Depot nor Lowe's. What did I learn never purchase any GE product with more than a 5 year warranty, as a matter of fact I will try to avoid purchasing any product with a GE affiliation. Never purchase an item for your home through Home Depot nor Lowe's. I have started going back to the local hardware store.

512b44f7, 2009-01-21, 07:08PM CST

I also bought a GE water heater. So much for GE reputation for quality. What a joke. Doesn't heat as well as the 20 year old Cascade heater that it replaced. Should have left well enough alone.

247ee3a5, 2009-02-24, 11:19AM CST

I had the same issue as above. I have a PG40T9A that was installed in 2003. It started leaking from the bottom (looks like it rusted out). I call the number and they walk me through some tests and conclude that they will replace it. But, of course, they don't make that one any more, so I have to pay for an upgrade to the newer version. The credit is only for $240. The new water heater costs $490. So I've gotta shell out $250, and that doesn't even include installation. Some warranty.

37419733, 2009-08-22, 08:15PM CDT

Yea, same problem here. I just installed the damn thing and I have a problem with the Pilot staying on.

I see I'll be taklng cold ass ahowers until I get them to come and fix this shotty piece of junk

3f7ef0df, 2009-11-21, 11:42AM CST

the service rep at 18004311549 said to wait a few day before trying to light the pilot.

b3af0579, 2009-12-06, 07:14PM CST

to the comment above: GE water heaters you find at Home Depot, are NOT the same water heater you'll find at the local plumbing supply store.

Yes, they are both technically made by the Rheem brand, but they are made in different plants, and countries. The GE heaters are made in Mexico and are handled like crap by the hundreds of home depot truck drivers, fork lift drivers, night crew movers,etc. I used to be an installer for (13) Home Depot locations for 2 years in Connecticut form 05- 07, I installed about 1,200 GE heaters in that time. I would say about 5- 10% of them were defective and had to be replaced right after they were installed from leaks. About 20% of them had dents so large they had to be exchanged for other heaters. On top of that I can say that 90% of all the heaters I installed had some dents and dings in them. Note: I didn't want to install them with dents, but literally every single heater I ever saw during my time with Home Depot had dents or dings in them.

On the other hand, I've installed about 400 Rheem water heaters as a private plumbing business before and after then, and I have never had one defective Rheem water heater yet bought from a plumbing supply store.

People please understand that the home depot is a total rip off. Myself and other reputable plumbers install quality Rheem water heaters for the same or less than the home depot charges because they over charge you for the heaters so badly. "real" 50 Gallon Rheem water heaters currently cost me 396 dollars. The home depot charges 589 dollars for the "same" heater, that really isn't the same. Home depot knows their water heaters are crap thats why they charge you big money for the warranty, it's a numbers game they always win. check my site out for vast information about water heaters http://www.mr-waterheaters.com

0bdd1974, 2009-12-11, 12:06PM CST

Collier Plumbing of Upland, CA. 91786(909-931-4535)is a Waranty Rep for all the Manufactures of Water Heaters. This problem happens to everyone. Call us, and you will never go without Hot Water.

03683a0b, 2010-01-19, 03:59PM CST

Well, I foolishly purchased a GE SmartProfile 40-gallon water heater as well from Home Depot.

The outsourced installers are no longer in business. (And the installation didn't pass inspection.)

When I called the "hotline" that says it is a GE Hotline, it is Rheem customer service.

The first time I called, I was told that I would have to ship my water heater in to verify if there was a defect in workmanship. And, so what would I do without a water heater?? My boobie prize was some fittings.

Today, I talked to Rheem support again. Another person named Daniel had very little interest in providing me with excellent customer service. Turns out the previous time I was dissatisified, I was speaking to his supervisor!!

I'm mad at myself for buying such a cheapo product from HD, biting off on the "GE" name. But what irritated me the most was how insensitive the Rheem customer service folks were to people who have little or no hot water. I guess they've got a Bradford-White water heater, like I'll be buying later today from a reputable plumber.

42368745, 2011-03-29, 10:29PM CDT


Yes we finally resolved this and have not had any problems since 2006. We will see how well it holds up in the upcoming years.

719449b0, 2011-05-24, 10:53AM CDT

I purchased a GE 50 water heater alittle over a year ago and already I'm having problems with it. When I first purchased the heater, it had to be installed 3 times. The first two heaters leaked water as soon as the plumber starting filling it up. The third one, Home Depot delivered and installed the heater. It was fine until recently, when it started leaking water. I am contacting Home Depot to see what they can do for me.

9be3a185, 2012-11-29, 09:45AM CST

I purchased a 60 Gallon Gas GE water heater last night as HD was closing. Spent $900.00 on the heater and related. (heater was $728.00) Did not fire, would not fire, pressed the piezeo electric ignitor at least 100 times. At three am, I gave up then called them this morning. They needed the model & serial number to help me, which I can under stand. I finally found out that there is common probelm with the connection at the orange to black wire at the peizeo electric unit. I'll try that at lunch, sure wish I did an internet search before plunking down my hard earned money. And yes, the GE name is just licenced, they pay GE a commission to poison the GE name with a crappy peice of junk !

Bob W., 2013-06-10, 09:03PM CDT

I have the 40 gallon GE electric water heater mentioned above (model SE40M12AAG) in my seasonal camp. I bought it 9 years ago and it is only in use 4 months of the year (drained and dry for 8 months). It has the 12 year warranty but the tank started leaking this weekend when I filled and energized it. Given that it technically only has 3 years of service on it, I am not impressed.

They honored the warranty but I now have to replace it unfortunately with the same model. Hopefully these are built a little better.

635f7af9, 2014-03-07, 08:08AM CST

I'm also having a problem with the GE Smartwater 40 gallon water heater purchased from Home Depot. After only 6 years, the water heater is leaking from both the hot and cold seal on top of the unit. The GE Hotline was rude and not honoring the 12 year warranty. The representative said I first need to try to put new Teflon tape around the outlets to see if it?s still leaking but clearing it was leaking from the top seals. That means I would have to hire a plumber to remove the cooper pipes and connectors just to tell me the Teflon tape didn't resolve the leaking problem. I did have a professional assess the problem and he said the seals are leaking from the top. Now GE wants photos of the leak. I've had enough of the delays. I have had nothing put problems with this GE water heater. Each time I was didn?t have Hot water for at least 5 days. I'm not going to waste anymore time or money on GE product. I purchased an AO Smith and couldn?t be happier.

5ffc3aaa, 2014-10-01, 05:29PM CDT

Purchased GE 40 gallon at Home Depot in Feb of 2012 Pilot light would not stay lit. Called hot line and they walked me through some trouble shooting and determined thermo coupler was defective and would send parts but labor not covered. Called plumber and he said he would not work on them because they were difficult and of poor quality. What junk. Replaced it a Bradford White on my plumbers recommendation. Very disappointed with the Rheem job.

693f19b6, 2014-11-14, 04:52PM CST

No hot water for 4 days on a Home Depot GE Water Heater that is 16 months old. Contacted GE. No emergency service on weekends. No help from Home Depot. Plumber arrived 4 days later. Bad thermo couple. He says they go bad on this brand all the time. Keeps parts on his truck. Easy repair. Poor customer service from GE and Home Depot. GE would not allow my comments on their reviews.

66df2aea, 2015-04-19, 09:48AM CDT

I have a 50 gallon GE electric hot water heater a GE50M06AAG I have had it in service for just 3 years I started running out of hot water in just 2 minutes of showering while shaving my head that sucked !! I had years ago ran into the same problem it was a faulty dip tube that had failed and was covered by a class action lawsuit I knew what to check for removing the aerator in the kitchen it was full of light blue plastic the same thing has happened to this one says 6 year warranty I will keep you posted on this one I feel a long run around coming !!!! as the warranty states just 1 year on any thing but the tank !

2f0a21bd, 2016-01-28, 03:42PM CST

I, too, am having $300 worth of labor done on a 3-1/2 year old GE 40 gallon water heater. I've been told by the Home Depot plumbing contractor doing the work that thermo-couplers and pilot assemblies on these heaters have a high failure rate. He's also just told me that this fix wouldn't last but 3 years. $1000 for a water heater that needs $300 worth of work every 3 years? This is outrageous. I bought the "12 year" rated unit thinking I'd be trouble free for a while.

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