Alienware's Defective Product Notice

Posted on Wednesday, March 8th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by 21241bae

Company: Alienware's Defective Product Notice

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Alienware's Defective Product Notice

March 7, 2006 My name is Scott, from FOB Solutions, a dedicated group helping English as second language immigrants fight for their rights and help them resolve personal problems. My client has purchased a $3,000+ Alienware notebook on 12/28/04. The notebook has been properly handled and not over stressed at anytime, my

client only uses it when necessary. Around January, 27th 06, my client returns home at 10pm and recharges his notebook as normal, within couple minutes, the fire alarm triggered and he noticed burning smoke was coming out of the notebook, luckily he was around to quickly unplug the power from the electrical outlet. If it was't for his quick awareness, the notebook may have burnt down a 1.2 million dollar home and perhaps killed my client. My client calls Alienware the next day, asking to return the notebook and have it repaired for free,

since NO notebooks should only last 13 months and starts triggering fire alarms. My client has tried to resolve this issue with Alienware, but was never able to resolve it. He has also mentioned someone in Alienware Customer Service named Stephanie was supposed to follow up on his issue, but she never got back to him at

all. At this time, my client is very disappointed and simply asks to return the notebook, have it repaired and properly inspected for FREE as a warranty work. My client is out of patience and asks Alienware management team to approve the warranty work within 3 business days or further legal action will be taken. FOB

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