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Kentucky Fried Chicken management

March 6, 2006

Kentucky Fried Chicken; Kingston, Ontario, Canada

3601 Highway No. 2


Gananoque, Ontario

K7G 2V5

(613) 382-4965


March 6, 2006


To Whom It May Concern,

I was on my way home at about 6:00 on the evening of March 5, 2006, when I saw smoke rising from a car on fire in the eastbound left-turn lane on Princess Street near the corner of Portsmouth Avenue. The driver was out on his knees examining the area under the car (where the fire was located) while talking to someone on a cell phone. Another driver had stopped to help him, but it was obvious they’d need a third person to get the car off the road.

I helped them push the car into the parking lot of the nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, the closest point we could get to that was off the road yet as far as possible from any buildings or other vehicles. I went inside the restaurant to see if I could borrow a fire extinguisher. By this time the smoke from beneath the vehicle was pretty obvious, and we were afraid the fire might spread to the gas tank and cause an explosion before the fire department could arrive. As the car was within 40 feet of the building, we felt that this was a potential threat not only to the property, but also to patrons and personnel.

The counter staff behaved admirably, asking what kind of fire was involved (i.e., grease, electric, etc.) to make sure they had the correct type of extinguisher. However, when they asked the manager if they could take the unit outside to use on the fire she told them no, that couldn’t be allowed, as the fire was outside the building and KFC’s fire extinguishers were only for use inside.

Fortunately, the fire department arrived and got things under control before this could become a serious incident. However, I must admit that I am astounded by the fact that the management of this restaurant had so little care or concern not only for company property, but for the lives of the clients and staff. Had this vehicle exploded, there is no telling how much damage could have occurred and (potentially) how many people could have been injured or killed.

We’ll probably never know if this decision on the part of management was due to a case of petty bureaucratic attitude, or whether the manager simply had never been properly trained in how to deal with real life emergencies. I can only suggest that the corporation take the time in future to train its management (and other staff as well) to think outside the box and take appropriate action when necessary. It is highly unlikely that they will always be this fortunate.



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Kingston This Week

The Heritage Newspaper

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