Virgin Mobile Nokia phone

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Company: Virgin Mobile Nokia phone

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Virgin Mobile Nokia phone

March 5, 2006

August 2005 purchased a Virgin Mobile Nokia phone for $39.99 and top up card at a Circle. Phone topped up and starting using it. Then noticed that the manual was not correct. Called Virgin to get directions to access voice mail. Found out that I had the wrong manual. Requested correct manual to be sent to me. Customer Service stated I had to contact Nokia. factory.Explained that they are the ones that need to contact Nokia, since they are the ones that have contract with them, NOT ME, since I purchased phone from Virgin Mobile. They refused. They still advertise this SAME phone on their website.

Everytime I wanted to use a new feature I had to call Virgin for directions. So I just dealt with it since this is cheaper than my former TracPhone.

In Oct. 2005 was I called them to top up. I was in my car and needed to top right then. Was told that since my credit card was not on file that I had to physically go into a store and purchase top up card. Every other company that I know of takes sales orders with credit cards by phone. Virgin evidently wanted me to sign up for their automatic top up program which I declined.

3-5-2006 called 1-800-322-1122 Customer Service and number is disconnected. I wanted to see if their credit card top up rules had changed. THEY NO LONGER HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER.In order to access customer service you have to go to their website and send them an e-mail. I am wondering if the company is in trouble financially. Top up cards at Circle K have to be paid for in CASH, they no longer accept credit cards.

Wondering what other prepay phone company is less corrupt to do business with.

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