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Posted on Sunday, March 5th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by Linda F.

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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

March 4, 2006

I purchased 3 Hampton Bay Ceiling fans from Home Depot, 52 inch, style: Carriage House II, white with gold trim. We were getting a terrible disgusting strong burning smell from all 3 fans that were installed in 3 different bedrooms. We finally figured out that they have rubber bands wrapped around the light fixtures where you use the 3 screws to tighten them to the bracket. These rubber bands were burning when the lights were turned on. We removed the rubber bands. Some of them were burnt and melted to the light fixture. I did call Hampton Bay on 3/3/06 and they said they would tell their technicians. But the fans are OK now since we removed the burning rubber bands. It does not tell you to remove these bands in the mounting instructions. Luckily they didn’t burst into flames. Thanks, Linda Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_52601#


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fe623427, 2008-03-25, 08:00PM CDT

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

This burning smell has been bothering me for quite some time now. I also have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan/light fixture, and only recently determined the smell was coming from the light. I was just getting ready to go buy a different light fixture when I read your comment. I looked at mine, and sure enough, there were melted rubber bands, where the screws were holding the globes. I removed them, and am sure there will be no more smell. Thank you so much!

f578e716, 2008-03-27, 01:09PM CDT

I'm Thanking You in ADVANCE! I just read your complaint today and the other response and I am SURE this will also solve our problem! We too have been baffled and not a little worried about the "burning rubber" smell after the light portion of our 2 Hampton Bay ceiling fans has been on. They are in our daughter and son's bedrooms and have literally not been used for months. But now with the spring and summer getting close I've started worrying again about it. I called my husband at work after reading here and he readily remembers the "rubberbands" when he was installing them so I can't wait to have this resolved. Thanks again!

f6395cbc, 2008-06-13, 04:00PM CDT

Well, let me add my thanks to what will probably be a growing list. I had three fans installed in my home in February, but only one (in a spare bedroom) had this horrendous smell. I thought there was a problem with the installation so I avoided going in that spare bedroom for fear of starting a fire. Just before calling the installer to complain, I thought I'd check the web. I read your comment and went to check my light. Sure enough, there were the rubber bands. I guess Hampton Bay didn't tell their technicians after all. I wonder how many of these fans have been returned as defective by unsuspecting consumers?

abe07fcc, 2008-06-28, 11:55PM CDT

Where can I find the rubber bands for these globes. Never had the problem and like to use them. We have been looking all over for them. Even Office Depot does not carry the correct size.

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