Samsung HDTV, Model TXP3071WH / Power

Posted on Saturday, April 1st, 2006 at 12:00am CST by ae31b452

Company: Samsung HDTV, Model TXP3071WH / Power

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Samsung HDTV, Model TXP3071WH / Power

March 31, 2006

Samsung HDTV, Model TXP3071WH, Home use. Television began locking up (could not turn off or on) 7 month’s after purchase. I found I could unplug the unit and it would work for many weeks before experiencing the same problem. 14 months after purchase the set failed to turn on and the unplugging trick no longer worked. After calls to Samsung service and the local Samsung authorized repair center I am responsible for the $1000 set that does not turn on. I’ve had Sony’s my entire life but took a chance on this Samsung based on the sales guy at Best Buy but what a mistake. This will never happen again so stay away from Samsung. They are junk and the service center is no help what so ever.

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1d6763d3, 2008-04-07, 10:16PM CDT

I had my samsung TV less than a year and a half - same symptoms - it has stopped turning on. They were unhelpful and i will recommend people stay away from their tv's - not made well and not backed up by the company.

dcac7504, 2008-04-20, 12:25PM CDT

The problem with Samsung continues. Our set is doing the same thing. We had an in warranty repair authoriazation given but when we were finally contacted by their designated repair company , the set had begun to work again. Repair guys said they could order some parts but would really not know what they would be "fixing" since the set was having no problems. Eight months later, the unplugging trick is no longer working for us either. We are now 1 1/2 months out of warranty, and even though the original complaint was formally made while the set was in warranty, Samsung has basically told us we are just out of luck and out of warranty. They got our money, and that is all they really have to worry about. We are all just part of the statistical game for them...and it seems they never have to pay up. Have sent a letter to the president of Samsung USA, but I am not holding my breath.

Will never buy a Samsung product again!

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