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Posted on Saturday, April 1st, 2006 at 12:00am CST by 6232d8ce

Product: Long Distance and International Plans

Company: 011 Communications

Category: Telecommunications

I was chased every day by telemarketer for this company 011-communications offering great rates for long distance and overseas calls.I finally joined for a rate of 17 cents/min overseas rate to Egypt.The plan worked per-call charge to my credit card.Two months later the company switched me to a monthly billing and send me a bill with details for all my monthly calls at no extra charge and for same rate.

Two month later I receive my bill with the rate suddenly jumped to 27 cents/min.I called the company and the response I got that the rate has changed two month ago and it was posted on their web-site.I have never got any notice for rate increase or even included in their bill that the rate has changed.You need to do the math and figure out the new rate every time you receive a bill.This kind of behavior to gauge consumers who signed for a specific rate plan and get charged a 50% higher rate with out a notice is outrageous.This scam must stop and consumers protection agencies should go after this company.People should be refunded for the rate difference.

Be-ware of this company apparently they change their name quite often too.Now it is 011-communications and based out of Las Vegas.



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1e1a1bbc, 2008-08-28, 03:57PM CDT

Ok, so if they rate changed on you, did you leave the company and go back to your previous carrier? Because one thing they do offer is 100% satisfaction giving you the option to go back to your previous carrier.

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