Air India Flight - Chennai - Chicago

Posted on Friday, March 31st, 2006 at 12:00am CST by c6bc4bdf

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Air India Flight - Chennai - Chicago

March 30, 2006

The only thought that comes to mind is that Air India is a gross disgrace to the great nation of India. For years, I have been a nationalist and have flown Air India and nothing else, but I have changed my mind. The true character of any entity is shown at times of distress and Air India has done just that. Never ever shall I travel via Air India. My mother-in-law boarded Air India on Feb 11 from Chennai bound towards Chicago. Somehow, unbeknownst to apparently anyone in Air India, one of the pieces of luggage grew legs on its own and landed outside the terminal in MUMBAI, while my mother in law made it safely to Chicago. After several emails, phones to Air India in Chicago and Mumbai offices, Air India has the audacity to not only deny any gross negligence, but also not pay for any incidentals or new baggage. No prompt replies to emails, the phones are never picked up, and there is absolutely no customer service. Submissions of complaints through their website has always led to 'Server Error' and all complaints fall into deaf ears. We have started over the complaint process with several Air India offices to absolutely no avail. Fortunately, the luggage had my uncle's name, address and phone number in Mumbai who was contacted and could claim the luggage. Somehow, even the security tags and some items got removed from the luggage. Almost 2 months past, and still not a peep from Air India. Such a disgrace. Never again shall I fly Air India, which is run shamefully by a shameful bunch of unprofessional and unethical people. It is a shame that India, the land of hospitality has Air India, a disgrace to hospitality, as the national carrier. I have written also to the MD, with a faint hope that his office has some sense in getting this resolved, but I know this never will. The management guys in public sector companies in India are more appointees than any eligible person. We definitely need a Sreedharan (Delhi Metro Chief) to turn things around.

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